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Shelby Manning: Bringing Balance to Hoboken + Jersey City via Shelby Sweats

by Ainsley Layland
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Last year brought about a significant amount of change for everyone, especially in regards to physical exercise. One local resident, 26-year-old Shelby Manning, decided to pursue her passion for physical fitness & health and start her own personal training business Shelby Sweats. One year later, she is offering fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaching, as well as personal training virtually and in-person in Hoboken and Jersey City. Keep reading to learn more about Shelby Sweats and the exclusive offer available to Hoboken Girl readers.

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Shelby Sweats

“I have always been passionate about fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness, but I wasn’t sure if or how I would be able to turn it into a career. In April 2020, I decided to get my certifications, pursue my passion, and start my own fitness + health coaching company, Shelby Sweats LLC,” Shelby told Hoboken Girl. “The best part of running this business is being my own boss! Having the freedom to be me and make a living doing what I love — I feel fulfilled in my work every single day.”

Balance is Key at Shelby Sweats

Shelby preaches balance and shows her clients that fitness can be both fun and effective. Having battled an eating disorder and being both underweight and overweight herself, she knows what it’s like to be a beginner and sticking to the challenges of a new routine.

“I empower my clients to feel at home in their bodies while educating them on proper nutrition, healthy habits, and strength training. I dismantle limiting beliefs and myths around fitness, nutrition, and health,” Shelby mentioned. “My business also allows me the opportunity to give back to causes I care about like domestic violence, eating disorders, social justice issues, and substance abuse. I work to cultivate a safe space within the community for my clients to work on their relationships with their bodies and themselves.”

The most popular package at Shelby Sweats is the 3 Month Thrive 1:1 Lifestyle Change Coaching followed closely by personal training packages. 

Over the course of the three-month coaching container, Shelby is available 24/7 to her clients via the audio message app, Voxer.

“Nothing lights me up more than seeing my clients transform over the course of three months. They become stronger, more confident, less scale-focused, less extreme, more balanced, more grounded, happier, and energetically lighter. I love holding space for them to create a healthy lifestyle that is completely custom to them and giving them the tools to confidently continue growing and evolving long after the program ends.”

The Radical + Holistic Approach at Shelby Sweats

Shelby is a certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist, certified Reiki practitioner, and holistic health coach who uses movement, nutrition, and radical self-love coaching to help her clients build strength and more importantly, feel at home in their bodies.

“My training methodology combines strength-training, cardiovascular training, boxing, yoga, Animal Flow, and functional movement,” Shelby told Hoboken Girl. “The best health plan is the one you’ll stick to. Together, we’ll find something you actually enjoy.”

Shelby works with each client to develop a customized plan to help reach their individual goals within a safe space of unconditional support.

“I exist to hold space for my clients to heal and self-express within our coaching container, providing unconditional support without judgment, guilt, or shame. My coaching style is radical and completely unique in this way,” Shelby mentioned. “I love educating my clients on the science of nutrition and training, and showing them that extremes aren’t sustainable or necessary in order to create change. More than anything though, I love holding space for them to cultivate a long-term loving relationship with their bodies.”

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Aiming for a long-term, lifestyle change versus a quick fix, Shelby avoids the extreme.

“I don’t do extreme diets. I don’t do extreme exercise plans. In working with each client, I consider the whole human and deep health. Health is so much more than physical fitness. My plans and coaching address the mind, body, and soul. I have no interest in only working with your physical body. We’re so much more than our bodies!”

Why Shelby Loves Hoboken

Living and working in Hoboken has countless perks, for Shelby, a few of those include proximity to the city, the beach (specifically Asbury Park), being close to loved ones — and the easily accessible coffee shops.

“I love the waterfront and how cozy and homey Hoboken feels to me,” Shelby said. “I love the small businesses and the million coffee shops around to fuel my cold brew addiction.”

Beyond working to help others improve their lives, Shelby enjoys spending time outside and a few other pastimes.

“When I’m not sweating or working with clients, you’ll find me hiking, painting, singing, meditating, traveling, practicing Reiki, spending time with my loved ones, eating 16 Handles, and dyeing my hair socially unacceptable colors.”

Don’t forget that first-time clients can receive a FREE 30-minute video chat health consultation and a free virtual group fitness class {a $19 value} held at 11AM most Saturdays. CLICK HERE TO REDEEM or you can email Shelby with the subject line “Hoboken Girl Free Group Class”. Classes are 50 minutes via Zoom, no equipment necessary.

If you want to get in touch or book a FREE 30-minute health consult with Shelby, shoot her a DM on Instagram @shelby_Sweats, or fill out a form on her website.


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