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Seven Valleys Persian Restaurant in Hoboken: A Sneak Peek

by Steph
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If you’re dreaming of Persian food or have yet to try its deliciousness, there’s a new restaurant spot in Hoboken that may just catch your attention. Seven Valleys is set to open early October in Hoboken, and its owner — whom you may recognize as the face behind Hoboken favorite bwé kafé — is ready, willing, and able to bring some authentic Persian cuisine to Washington Street.

Soon to open at 936 Washington Street in Hoboken, Seven Valleys promises to “awaken your palate” and that “each bite will elicit a feeling of both contentment and wonderment.” That may sound like a huge promise to live up to, but owner Dale Ryan is pretty confident her second foray into the food industry will serve as a full experience, a passage or journey through Persian food.

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On the Concept

“My family and I are members of the Baha’i Faith—a faith that finds its origins in Persia—so we have spent a lot of time surrounded by some pretty awesome Persian friends cooking up some pretty incredible dishes,” Dale shared. “But Persian restaurants are few and far between and as Hoboken residents ourselves we thought it would be really fun to share this cuisine with our community. So we teamed up with family friends Ana and Dayan Hadavi to create Seven Valleys,” she added. As a born-and-raised Hoboken resident, she knew Hoboken was the perfect spot to do so.

The HG Team stopped by the restaurant before it opens to the public, and we’re sharing a peek inside this Persian restaurant, located at 936 Washington Street in Hoboken:

seven valleys restaurant 2

The Vibe

Minimalists will particularly enjoy the vibe of Seven Valleys as the decor mostly sticks to a neutral palette with elements of wood and greenery thrown in the mix to break things up. With a beautiful, almost marbleized looking wall that adheres to a soft, pastel palette and bright, vibrant lighting, the aesthetic is sure to awaken guests while making them feel right at ease.

“Like all our endeavors we want our space to feel welcoming to everyone! We have a communal table in the window that can be shared by different groups or seat a larger party of about seven to eight,” Dale explained. “We have high chairs to accommodate families with children but could see the space a perfect first date location, too.” And true to her words, the restaurant is comfortable, sweet,and cozy. Dale noted that they will be open for lunch and dinner.

seven valleys restaurant 6
With such a cozy, welcoming vibe, you might be wondering: What inspired Seven Valleys? Aside from Dale’s family’s spiritual inspiration, the Persian restaurant also draws guidance from a book of the same name.

“The name Seven Valleys is after a mystical book about the journey of the soul,” Dale said. “There is the valley of search, love, and knowledge, and we applied this mystical story into the ambiance of the restaurant. Everything inside is supposed to reflect a feeling of lightness and warmth.”

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And it’s no large jump to understand what Dale is referencing. With wallpaper that mimics a galaxy or the universe, a muted color scheme, and plenty of mirrors, there is no shortage of light and airiness in Seven Valleys. It truly is, as Dale intended it feel, like a spiritual journey.

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“Those qualities are reflected in the lucite chairs, the mirrors, the gem-like pendants, the cosmic wallpaper and the overall color scheme,” Dale says. “We hope people feel transported and happy—and that’s just with the space [let alone the food]!”

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The menu

While Seven Valleys does have a website currently in the works, the menu is still mostly a mystery to curious minds. Thankfully, Hoboken Girl readers will get the exclusive first look on a few of the stand out items to be included.

“As per the request of our chef, Dayan Hadavi, we bought a koobideh machine from Iran to make authentic chicken and beef Kabobs, the menu also features a selection of the most delicious {and beautiful} rice dishes, stews and salads,” Dale says. “My personal favorites are the Shirazi Salad, Fesenjan — a pomegranate, walnut and chicken or tofu stew, and Zereshk, a rice with saffron and barberries.”

Seven Valleys will operate under BYOB and also serve coffee, Persian tea, and some signature Persian desserts.


According to Dale, exact hours are still to be determined. However, rest assured Seven Valleys will be open for lunch and dinner Tuesdays through Sundays!

The Goal

Owning a business that serves people delicious cuisine is not only one of Dale’s main priorities, it’s one of her passions. After all, she’s no transplant to the Mile Square City. Hoboken is a place Dale has called home since she was a little girl. So it’s no stretch to say serving Hoboken is a cause close to Dale’s heart.

“My brother and I were raised here in Hoboken (my brother was actually even born here) and we still live here and love it,” Dale says. “But I think because of that we feel very connected and invested in making Hoboken a beautiful and welcoming place.”

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“We are always looking to offer places that both bring people together and is hopefully something new for Hoboken which is reflected in our food and design choices,” Dale adds. “We really hope that people enjoy it.”

Seven Valleys is aiming to open the first week of October. Stay tuned for further updates and subscribe to our email list to get the roundup of new articles weekly so you don’t miss a thing.

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