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13 New Jersey Vintage Roadside Stops to Visit

by Eva Grall
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New Jersey is home to lots of things like the Jersey Shore, boardwalks, beaches, restaurants, and shops, to name a few. It also happens to be home to some vintage roadside stops around the state. Places from diners to ice cream shops to music stores have a special old-school and vintage look to them across different parts of New Jersey — making great photo ops. Read on for our list of vintage roadside stops that are a must-see throughout New Jersey.

Arlington Diner | 1 River Road, North Arlington

roadside vintage stops new jersey arlington diner

This iconic diner sits across the Passaic River in North Arlington, sandwiched between Belleville, Kearny, and Lyndhurst. Boasting their “World Famous Cheesecake,” The Arlington Diner is an homage to the beloved, vintage chrome tastes of the 1950s and 1960s. Complete with glowing neon signs, frosted glass windows, and classic tastes, a visit here will send guests back in time.

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Applegate Farm | 616 Grove Street, Montclair

roadside vintage stops new jersey applegate farms

Applegate has a long history in Montclair. Starting in 1848, this farm produced countless dairy products. The original farmhouse and silo are unique and this ground has survived the Civil War, The Great Depression, and two World Wars. Now it is a favored ice cream shop with a quaint country feel rarely seen in our area.

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Colonial Diner | 27 Orient Way, Lyndhurst

roadside vintage stops new jersey colonial diner

This Lyndhurst gem is all silver, neon, and 1950s glam. Open 24/7, the Colonial is a classic diner full of beloved Americana. It’s got to be on your list for a summer treat.

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Summit Diner | 1 Union Place, Summit

This family-owned and operated diner In the heart of downtown Summit has been serving loyal customers since 1939. An original railroad car is a spectacular example of classic diners — many of which have become lost to time. Enjoy a memorable visit that will have you nostalgic for another era.

Carvel | 240 S Summit Avenue, Hackensack

roadside vintage stops new jersey carvel

This Carvel ice cream shop opened in Hackensack in 1969. All these years later, it still boasts an amazing sign which beckons hungry drivers to have a tasty treat. Be sure to swing by on a summer evening and order ice cream to snack on while the neon really shines.

Holsten’s | 1063 Broad Street, Bloomfield

roadside vintage stops new jersey holstens

Founded in 1939, this beloved ice cream, candy, and restaurant is all that we love about vintage New Jersey. Whether or not you’re a fan of The Sopranos, you will enjoy its old-fashioned charm. Try the mint chip ice cream — it’s one of a kind.

Dairy Queen | 1123 Stuyvesant Avenue, Irvington

This has got to be the most adorable teeny Dairy Queen in all of New Jersey. With bold, vintage lights, this epically cute pit stop is a must-visit if you love vintage flair. Visitors can almost imagine the classic cars parked out front, with chrome details, pastel charm, and massive winged trunks.

Pizza Town USA | 89 US-46, Elmwood Park

roadside vintage stops new jersey pizza town

This amazing vintage spot is hard to miss with all the winding highways nearby. Uncle Sam holds a giant pizza pie and their lit sign boasts their age, having been founded in 1958. Their retro-patriotic theme is delightfully fun. Stop by the post-pool for a delicious bite.

Little Falls Trophy + Award Makers | 555 US-46, Little Falls

Here’s another Route 46 stop that has probably not caught your eye, though it may be responsible for the trophy in your childhood bedroom. Founded in 1963, this totally retro building is an absolute treasure. It is particularly beautiful at night when the neon windows showcase a massive collection of trophies.

Tick Tock Diner | 281 Allwood Road, Clifton

roadside vintage stops new jersey tick tock diner

New Jersey is known for its diners, and what’s a better road stop than the Tick Tock on Route 3 in Clifton? Founded by a Greek-American in 1948, the Tick Tock has stood the test of time, continuing to grow as its customer base exploded off Route 3. Today, it will forever be loved for the classic vintage exterior that makes it an iconic roadside spot.

Robbie’s Music City | 514 US-46, Wayne

Drivers have probably may have passed this store countless times cruising down Route 46. It’s easy to miss, given all the strip malls and restaurants in newly developed buildings. But Robbie’s Music boasts old-school cool with their vintage signage. There are, their used instruments glistening in the windows and the vibe that they’ve been in this spot for quite some time. Founded in 1926, this family-owned business is worth pulling over for.

White Manna Hamburgers | 358 River Street, Hackensack

roadside vintage stops new jersey white manna diner

This famous roadside stop has been well documented on the Food Network and Travel Channel and is a destination for burger fans. Founded in 1939 during the World’s Fair, Manna opened in Hackensack in 1946. Thrillist believes it’s “New Jersey’s Best Burger.”  Its vintage sign, classic diner feel, and delicious burgers make it a must-stop for summer nights.

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Taqueria Los Gueros | 176 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield

roadside vintage stops new jersey tacos los gueros

Once a diner, always a diner — at least, on the outside. This gorgeous chrome beauty is now a taco spot but it still has its 1954 charm.

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