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A Peek Inside Urban Gastrobar Privé on Jackson Street

by Steph
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UPDATE as of 4/30:  It appears Privé has closed. We’ve reached out to the owners who said this is temporary, but haven’t given any more info. Stay tuned for updates as we know them.

Hoboken, get ready for an urban gastropub. We’re talking about Privé, of course, the new French concept pub replacing the previous Taphaus location on 800 Jackson Street. HobokenGirl got the chance to meet with the owner of Privé last week and we learned the inside scoop about the new  spot {that isn’t exactly French farm-to-table anymore, but does have a French name, according to its owners}. From what future patrons can expect to the owner’s vision for the place, keep reading to get a sneak peek into Hoboken’s soon-to-come Privé, opening this week to the public.

prive hoboken

First things first: we have a date! Privé will be opening its doors on Jackson Street starting Friday, April 5th. The grand opening on April 5th will kick off Privé’s 12:00PM-3:00AM hours.

prive wall

Of course, the owner assures Hoboken Girl, the primary goal of Privé is to focus on it as a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean Privé doesn’t also plan on being a fun, late-night spot to grab a drink. In fact, it does.

prive audrey hepburn wall

prive frank sinatra wall

Privé is striving to become a late-night environment where people can socialize while grabbing a quality glass of wine. One of its owners — Marcelo Martins — ran Pier 115 for three years and has a background in food and beverage retail business. Martins envisions Privé — which will have tables outside, host monthly events out on the green, and plan a nostalgic ’90s vibe night with tunes spanning everything from Elvis to pop once a month — as a community place. He joins friend and business partner Jonathan Cascais {who also has a background in food and beverage business} to open this new locale.

prive menu

Since the very definition of a “gastropub” is that it is a bar that also serves high-quality food, Martins doesn’t want anyone to rule out the grub at Privé in favor of the drinks. While there will be 14 draft beers available on site as well as numerous bottles of wine plus a craft cocktail menu {with all ingredients made in-house}, Martins can’t stress enough that Privé will specialize in making New American comfort food with grass-fed, quality ingredients and a French twist.

Privé’s chef is the former chef from Jockey Hollow in Morristown, sister restaurant to Morea, and is well-known for a signature pork chop and other hearty dishes. At the new spot, patrons will find staple items and a French-inspired confit section on a condensed menu: wings confit, ribs confit — not to mention stunningly creative cooking techniques Martins says “has a bit of a ‘wow’ factor” that is sure to please. Not a ton of vegetarian/vegan options — but they do have Brussels on the menu plus a farro salad and wedges {Idaho potatoes, basil, garlic, and shallot aioli}.

prive hoboken inside

Martins doesn’t want patrons to forget the importance of grass-fed. Privé is doing the farm-to-table eatery in what Martins calls “a strategic way.” While the menu might be unconventional when thinking of farm-to-table items,  Martins maintains he’s letting Privé’s identity “build itself.”

prive wall decoration

^Some of the decor at Privé

prive record wall

As if that weren’t enough information to take in, Privé also has plans of serving brunch with a family-friendly atmosphere.

prive ab wall

As for the decor, Privé was designed with 90s kids in mind and it will have a pop art feel to its decor; think Marilyn Monroe, 2pac, Anthony Bourdain, and “subliminal words in the walls” with an urban feel.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Privé!

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