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Did Precious Chinese Cuisine in Hoboken Close For Good?

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As Hoboken Girl previously reported last week, Precious Chinese Cuisine appears to still be closed. Initially, Precious Chinese announced a temporary closure at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, when businesses first started shutting down due to financial strain or shifting to takeout and delivery only.

But now, months later, there are still no signs of Precious Chinese Cuisine planning to open any time soon. This leaves many locals wondering: Did Precious Chinese Cuisine close for good?

precious chinese closed hoboken

Located at 128 Washington Street in Hoboken, Precious Chinese Cuisine’s website has been down for weeks. The restaurant’s official Facebook page is still listed as “temporarily closed,” and a posted statement on the storefront says the restaurant will remain closed for two weeks. If you call the restaurant’s phone number, the voicemail message cites unsafe conditions related to coronavirus as the reason for the temporary closure. The voicemail, too, says PCC will close for two weeks.

This mysterious closure has gone on for far longer than two weeks. So, what’s going on at Precious Chinese Cuisine?

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Hoboken Girl also reached Precious’ voicemail and could not contact the owners via email. Further investigation revealed an answered question on the restaurant’s Yelp page that seems to point to its permanent closure.

precious chinese closed hoboken

“It looks like they’re closed permanently, unless they’re doing a major renovation,” a user wrote on Yelp in June. “Took a peek inside and all of the ovens and fridges were in the main dining room — chairs and tables gone, etc. Very sad if they’re gone — they were by far the best Chinese in Hoboken.”

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While this Yelp comment is hardly confirmation, it does appear on all counts that Precious is indeed, permanently closed. While Hoboken Girl can’t confirm for sure, it’s certainly not unheard of. In fact, Precious — if indeed permanently closed — isn’t the first business in Mile Square to shut down permanently due to constraints put forth by COVID.

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Nag’s Head Pub — located at 359 1st Street off of Clinton Street in Hoboken — permanently closed earlier this summer after 22 years of serving Mile Square. Owner Barney Finnegan and his wife Ruth announced they put the pub up for sale back in July so that they could enter the next phase of their lives: retirement.

Flatbread Grill — located at 517 Washington Street — also recently closed its brick and mortar location. However, Flatbread Grill is shifting to a delivery-only concept and sharing the kitchen with another enterprise.

Cucharamama — a longtime Hoboken staple owned by renowned Chef Maricel Presilla, also closed its doors citing concerns of reopening and the economic impact of the pandemic.

Just across Observer Highway in Jersey City, local eateries were also negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. After only a few months of being open, LGBTQ+ friendly piano bar and restaurant Pianist Envy was forced to close its doors.

Pianist Envy announced its closure on Instagram, writing, “We simply can not come back from the devastation COVID-19 has caused countless locally owned small businesses.”

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