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PPE Face Mask Vending Machine Installed in Hoboken Terminal

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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We’ve all walked out of the house in the last 6 months and realized we forgot a mask — as masks are required in New Jersey to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

At the start of the pandemic, face masks were hard to come by during the first few months of the pandemic, and for some, they can still be difficult to access. However, buying protective face masks just became a whole lot easier at the PATH station thanks to David Edelman, founder of the first-ever PPE mask vending machine company that has installed vending machines in NJ Transit stations, including Hoboken Terminal.

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RapidMask2Go was founded by David Edelman after he realized he had extra face masks and wondered how to put them to good use. David bought a vending machine off Craigslist and launched his business on May 1st, right in the middle of the pandemic. He wanted to provide inexpensive, easily accessible PPE materials for the general public, according to a press release.

The vending machines that have popped up are stocked with protective supplies like KN95 face masks, gloves, sanitizers, and wipes all in a convenient, accessible, inexpensive, and on-the-go option.

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One of David’s PPE vending machines was installed in the Hoboken Terminal walkway leading to PATH and NJT Bus Circle on Friday, September 4th. In collaboration with a company called Faber, last Friday, RapidMask2Go installed PPE vending machines — starting at Newark Penn Station and ending in Hoboken.

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David has also installed vending machines in New York City, Philadelphia, and across college campuses. It won’t stop at Hoboken, David plans to install an additional 11 vending machines at other NJ Transit over the next few weeks.

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In addition to the vending machines, RapidMask2Go is selling face masks with a similar design to PPE face masks, directly on the website both individually or in bulk. For more information, click here.

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