Greek Spot That Took Over Surf Taco, Plaka Souvlaki, Now Open

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A new Greek restaurant has opened in Hoboken. Plaka Souvlaki took over the former Surf Taco located at 62 Newark Street, and is serving up traditional Greek food – great news for those who miss It’s Greek To Me. Read on to learn more about Plaka Souvlaki.

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Entering the Hoboken Scene

Surf Taco, which opened in September 2017, has been closed since early 2020. Those who frequent nearby shops and restaurants (The Green Room, W. Kodak Jewelers, Basile’s Pizza) might have noticed and become curious to find out when it would be reopening. The sad news is it’s not. The good news is Plaka (named after a neighborhood in Athens, Souvlaki) has taken over and there are still 12 other Surf Taco locations in NJ.

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^ Former storefront

The new Greek restaurant’s owners, Nicholas Babalis and Aristotelis Hartouliaris, created Plaka’s Instagram page in May and have since been promoting some of the dishes that are to come.

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In August, the City of Hoboken issued a construction permit notice to 62 Newark Street, authorizing building, electrical work, and plumbing. The notice that’s currently displayed on Surf Taco’s windows, reads, “Interior renovation to the existing restaurant as per plan zoning approval of 6-20-21 and health approval of 7-8-21. Executive order 142.”

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Nicholas Babalis and Aristotelis Hartouliaris, the owners of Plaka Souvlaki have worked hard to get through the renovation process and finally launch.

A little fun fact: Nicholas’ family has owned the Malibu Diner since 1979. The owners combined have over 30 years of experience working in the food industry. We can’t wait to see their new vision brought to life!

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^ An exclusive preview of what the interior design was going to look like upon completion

(Photo credit: Courtesy of Plaka Souvlaki)

Plaka’s Platters

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Plaka Souvlaki’s menu is nothing short of what one would expect to find at a traditional Greek restaurant. There is Athenian souvlaki, meat served on skewers, and artisanal yeero, commonly known as gyros.

Customers can choose how they want their meat served — on skewers, in a pita sandwich, or on a platter with healthy sides. Nicholas tells Hoboken Girl that all the meat is “fresh and organic, never frozen.” There are also “no fillers or any MSG used for the yeero.”

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Those who are vegetarian can order “healthy well-crafted salads,” the owner says, like the Horiatiki aka classic Greek salad, and Tzatziki (Greek cucumber yogurt sauce).

Plaka joins the other Mediterranean restaurants in Hoboken, which include Ali Baba (912 Washington Street), GreekTown (86 Garden Street), Mamoun’s Falafel (300 Washington Street), and Pure Pita (324 Washington Street).

Check out its website here, or follow Plaka Souvlaki on social media, found here, for all the restaurant’s updates.

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