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7 Hoboken + Jersey City Pets Who Found The Furever Home in Quarantine

by Jenna Shulman
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As the months pass, although things are starting to slightly feel normal again, it can sometimes be hard to find many silver linings during this pandemic. But leave it up to our furry friends to help us get through these tough times. It’s no surprise to people that animal adoption and fostering has increased exponentially since quarantine took place. Many Hoboken and JC residents have taken comfort in knowing that their time at home could be spent by adopting or fostering a pet. After all, there’s no better therapy than animals, right? Here are some of our personal favorite quarantine pet matchmaking stories.

The Foster Queen

jessica chu quarantine pet adoption

“I am an avid foster mom {dogs} – and am on my 42nd foster, Dr. Jill! I’ve fostered puppies, seniors, tripods, dogs with behavioral issues, large dogs, tiny dogs, and everything in between. I’ve had five fosters during COVID quarantine, helping out See Spot Rescued, Waggy tails Rescue, and Joyrides Rescue. They’ve helped during quarantine by keeping us on a schedule, grounding us in positivity and charity, and giving Kali a social buddy!

Between COVID, having my own business, and all the emotions, it has been so amazing to be able to provide dogs in need with a second chance. So far we’ve had five of our fosters adopted during quarantine alone, and have our sixth quarantine foster coming up in a few days!” — Jessica Chu, Jersey City

A Coping Cat

kimberly alo quarantine pet adoption

“I lost my step dad to COVID and having Kaia with me home all day has truly helped me cope with my loss. She’s brought so much joy into our little family. Purrfect Pals in East Hanover, NJ was the adoption place where we got her from. They rescue animals from kill shelters and we’re happy to know we saved an animal’s life.” — Kimberly Alo, Hoboken

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A Puppy Over a Honeymoon

kelly O'mara quarantine pet adoption

“My husband and I have fostered 14 puppies over the past three years, but we are both allergic and knew our forever pup would have to be hypoallergenic. After fostering five puppies during quarantine, we decided there was no better time, and ended up getting Kenzie from Crockett Doodles. We had been on the waitlist for over two years, so we got first pick and of course the cutest one. We always knew we would get a dog, but the time and effort you need to dedicate to a puppy is immense and was not a luxury we had before March. We were so lucky to have our wedding last September, before the pandemic, but unfortunately our honeymoon to South Africa this April had to be pushed out a year.

We joked when we were deciding what to do about canceling, and that we’d get a puppy if we couldn’t go on the trip. We did a lot of breed research to make sure we were getting a dog that fit our lifestyle, could withstand the limits of urban pet life {including our condo association by-laws’ weight limit}, and accommodate our mild to severe dog allergies. This was how we settled on a mini bernedoodle — how could we say no to that face!” — Kelly O’Mara, Hoboken

The Southern Pup

erin lee quarantine pet adoption

“We had been wanting a dog forever and decided quarantine would be the perfect time to bond with and train one. But with the stay-at-home order in place, we weren’t able to physically go to any shelters to meet and hang out with potential adoptees. So, we decided to foster with the intention of failing.

We got Dewey { perviously called Dwayne} through See Spot Rescued at the beginning of June, and applied to adopt him within 12 hours of meeting him. Dewey came to us from a shelter in Deatsville, Alabama and we don’t know anything else about his past. When we first got him as a foster, it was clear he wasn’t sure how to behave like a house pet; he was shy and awkward and unsure on the ‘rules.’ In the last month, he has totally opened up and become extremely playful; his tail is wagging 24 hours a day. Since we’ve had him, we have laughed every day. He has brought so much levity to our lives during these heavy months. He’s given us a reason to go outside and get some fresh air which is a welcome break from quarantining.” — Erin Lee and Cameron Forsstrom, Hoboken

The Support Animal

melissa quarantine pet adoption

“I adopted Theodore from the Liberty Humane Society. I’d been applying at different rescues and agencies for about a month, and the day after my office closed for quarantine, LHS called me to see if I was interested in meeting Theodore. I have wanted a dog for years, and finally got the courage to ask my landlord if it was okay {after previously being denied}.

Once I got the thumbs up, I started exploring local rescues. When LHS called, I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to meet a ‘white fluffy dog,’ as my heart was set on a yorkie. But the second his photo arrived in my inbox, I was in love with his big, happy smile. Three days after I adopted Theodore, I lost a close relative to COVID. Even though I’m sure he was terrified in his new surroundings, he snuggled up next to me and licked my tears. He’s such a sweet, caring boy. Quarantine hasn’t been easy for anyone, but all I need to do is throw him a ball to brighten up my day.” — Melissa Marchionna, Hoboken

The Foster Fail

allison linder quarantine pet adoption

“Luna was a foster fail turned adoption from Puerto Rico from Souls of Satos Rescue and she came to me on March 22nd. I live alone so she has kept me very busy and entertained through this quarantine. Luna is super sweet and very mellow for a six month old puppy. She is timid around people but a social butterfly around her dog pack, she has a whole crew at Soho Lofts and they go to doggy day care together at Bark Over Here. She has a big heart shaped spot on her, it is the cutest and we love walking down to the waterfront and relaxing by the Colgate Clock!” — Allison Linder, Jersey City

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Expanding a Family

danielle lynch quarantine pet adoption

“We found Yogi {like Yogi Berra for all you Yankee fans} through a shelter in Bergen County called Hounds in Pounds. They rescue dogs from South Carolina and bring them up north for adoption. When we were notified that we matched with a pup, we were so excited and couldn’t believe it was real. That same day, we also found out that I am pregnant — a baby and a puppy all in one day and we couldn’t be happier!

There is nothing like the love of a dog who has helped me to feel calm and safe. I love him so much and can’t imagine our lives without him. Sometimes, I find Yogi and my husband napping together on the couch, nose to nose, and just think about how lucky and blessed I am to have this sweet, little family. He loves taking walks in Hoboken and exploring all of the new smells and excitement around him. He is also a huge fan of Washington Street as it is filled with so many exciting restaurants and he is just hoping for something to fall to the ground. He’s definitely Italian, like his mama, because he stops in front of every pizzeria and enjoys a few hefty sniffs!” — Danielle Lynch, Hoboken

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