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Why This Hoboken Pediatric Dentist Should Be on Your Radar

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Visiting the dentist can make kids (and let’s be honest, adults, too) a little anxious, which is why finding a high-quality dental clinic that the whole family can feel comfortable with is so important. Dr. Tommy Lee and his team at Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry, located at 727 Adams Street in Hoboken, use advanced technology to help children keep their beautiful, healthy smiles — and they do it in a fun, vibrant, and kid-friendly environment to help children overcome their dental anxieties. Keep reading to learn more about Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry + their recent Halloween event for the Hoboken community.

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Dr. Tommy Lee

Why Kids Love Bear Brook

In addition to gentle and conscientious care, Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry creates a positive + fun environment in the office. The modern waiting room is decked out with an iPad and toys for young patients to enjoy. While they wait, kids can even brush an alligator’s teeth, which makes getting their own teeth cleaned more familiar and less stressful. Even the patient rooms are comfortable and bright with two TVs — one on the wall and one on the ceiling, so kids can watch their favorite shows like Bluey or Doc McStuffins while receiving treatment.

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“When children step into our clinic, we want them to feel like they are at their favorite play place,” Dr. Tommy told Hoboken Girl. “We have spent over a year designing a space that appeals to our pediatric patients while simultaneously creating a relaxing atmosphere for parents.”

The team at Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry is active in the Hoboken community and hosts special events throughout the year, helping spread positive vibes beyond dental appointments. On Friday, November 4th, the practice hosted a Trade-Your-Treats Party to promote healthy diets + teeth for children. Children wore their Halloween costumes and brought their Halloween candy in exchange for a ticket for an afternoon of fun. The event featured activities like caricature drawings, balloon animals, music, a photo contest, and more.

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bear brook

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Quick + Painless Tongue-Ties and Lip-Ties Treatment

The caring team + entertaining environment at Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry helps young patients relax and feel less anxious about having dental work done — like correcting a tongue-tie, which is when the short band of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too tight. A lip tie is similar but with the connective tissue between the upper lip and the gumline and can create a shallow latch for breastfeeding infants. Advanced technology for tongue-tie treatments means less pain and shorter recovery time, which makes visiting the dentist a breeze.

When a child has a tongue-tie, parents can choose to have a frenectomy done, which is a procedure that releases the tight frenum (either tongue-, lip-tie, or both) to restore normal function in the tongue or movement of the lip. By using state-of-the-art laser technology, the frenum can be easily released in a 10-15 second procedure, which can help the child eat, sleep, and speak better. 

The Co2 laser used by the Bear Brook team produces minimal to no bleeding, less discomfort, fast recovery, less swelling, and no need for sedation. While tongue-ties and lip-ties are commonly associated with infants in an effort to make breastfeeding less painful, older children can also benefit from having the procedure done to obtain full motion of their tongue and improve their speech.

The high-quality care at Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry makes it possible for both parents and children to have a pleasant experience at the dentist — and even look forward to going back.

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Before + After

Meet Dr. Tommy and The Bear Brook Team

Dr. Tommy, a board-certified pediatric dentist, specializes in providing advanced dental treatments to infants, toddlers, and adolescents. He attended Yale School of Medicine, Columbia University, and Boston University, so parents can rest easy knowing their child will be treated by a highly-qualified medical professional. Throughout his tenure at Yale, Dr. Tommy received the highest ratings and comments with respect to patient satisfaction. He has also been selected as America’s Best Young Dentists “40 under 40” by Incisal Edge.

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Bear Brook Pediatric Dentistry is located at 727 Adams Street in Hoboken. You can call 201-479-2752 or reach out to info@bearbrookkids.com with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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