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All About the Lunar Faire: A Mystical NJ Night Market

by Eva Grall
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The Lunar Faire — a one-of-a-kind night market that hosts events all around NJ — is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. It runs only when there’s a full or new moon, so it can land on any day of the week. This outdoor pop-up market is a compilation of a bunch of fun + creative vendors (think crystals, carved rocks, holistic skincare, and aromatherapy candles) as well as performances, events, tarot readings, manifestation ceremonies, and more. It sets up camp at different spots throughout North, Central, and South Jersey — and the next event is actually in Hudson County. On July 17th, the Lunar Faire is heading to Liberty State Park in Jersey City from 5PM-10PM. Read on to learn more about the must-visit Lunar Faire in New Jersey.

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What is the Lunar Faire?

The Lunar Faire is an outdoor pop-up market that “celebrates the witchy, the weird, the strange and unusual, the moon, and all the weird things people make and do.” And it’s in the dark. Yep, you heard that right. One of the absolute highlights of the Lunar Faire is that it takes place at night under a new moon or full moon, making it spectacularly atmospheric and fun. The Lunar Faire has tons of tented vendors, many of whom come from far and wide to exhibit with like-minded creatives. This is not your average art show in the park.

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The Lunar Faire is an immersive experience steeped in performance art and unique wares. Often cloaked, costumed, or in character, the attendees are just as much a part of the Faire as the actual vendors. Spy witches, mermaids, horned monsters, and chivalrous knights while you have a fortune teller read your palms. There’s glowing potions and vampire mocktails poured into blood bags. Talented performers wield flaming torches while dancing under the full moon. And that is just a little taste of what a trip to the Lunar Faire is like.

The founders of this event pride themselves on inclusivity and acceptance, so the Faire is a place where people of all kinds are free to express themselves. The Lunar Faire, while wild, is a wholesome and safe event at its heart. “People are friendly, loving, inclusive and peaceful,” according to the website.

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What To Buy

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There are so many things to buy that you cannot even imagine. There are mounds of crystals, carved rocks, and sculpted stones for rock hounds. If you’re into holistic skincare, many vendors sell bath bombs, natural skin products, and aromatherapy candles. Most sellers are small business owners making their products and art pieces. It’s all more than you can imagine. From plant shops to witchy crafts, home decor, and baked goods, there are so many things to buy or gift.

What To See

If you’re going, plan on being overwhelmed with creativity. This is like one big night fair of costumes, quirk, mystery, and expression. Having your tarot cards read by a spiritualist is one of the best ways to get into the mood. They’ll help you navigate whatever you are going through.

There are also many performances to see. From singers to fire eaters, dancing troupes to drag singers, the shows can keep you entertained all night long. But if you don’t want to watch, you are also invited to partake in drum circles, manifestation ceremonies under the night sky, book exchanges, spell casting, and much more!

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We recommend participating in the Merry Meet Magic social event. If you’re interested in making friends or meeting new people, you can participate in their “Connection Cauldron,” which will pair you up with a friend to enjoy the fair with. You can also choose to wear colored bracelets that will indicate if you’re looking for friends, a relationship, or wanting a hug. The Lunar Faire has made tremendous efforts to build a community of kindness and acceptance.

Tips For Visiting

Go early. This is a massively popular event, so expect parking to be a bit hectic. Depending on the venue, parking prices also vary, but it’s always best to carpool if you can. Because this is a nomadic event in various parts of the state, don’t worry if the latest event is not nearest to you. The next one might be right in your neck of the woods.

Bring a flashlight. Once the sun sets, the ambient lighting from the tents and stages will brighten some of the ways; however, it’s a good idea to see where you’re walking if the ground is not level (especially heading to your car).

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You can bring your kids. It’s a family-friendly event, but it is more on the whimsical and spooky side, so use your best judgment if your kids will enjoy it.

Dress up. Many of the visitors wear costumes, witch hats, and fairy wings. Wear whatever brings you joy!

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Event Dates

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All events happen on a new or full moon, so that can be any day of the week! Follow @lunarfaire on Instagram or subscribe on their website to get all the details of the following night market. You can find more details about the Jersey City Lunar Faire event here, which is happening on Monday, July 17th, 2023.

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