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Mutzfest Returns to Hoboken for 2021 — With a Twist

by Jennifer Tripucka
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2020 took a lot of things away from us on the festival front, but it looks like 2021 is gracing us with a bit of cheese — Mutzfest has returned to Hoboken today, but with a twist. There are two options for attendees wanting to get their mozzarella fix including a to-go option and a ‘crawl’ event.

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Attendees can order in advance and do curbside pick up at Elks of all the mozzarella cheese between 12-4PM on the day of — allowing people to enjoy Mutzfest in the comfort of their homes.

There is also MutzCrawl — which includes limited tickets for people to walk from deli to deli for their fixings. Mutzfest is allowing 25 people per deli to start at each location and will provide custom Mutzfest masks — so 150 tickets total.

Participants are the same as 2020’s — which include:
Dolce & Salato at 1101 Grand Street
Frankie & Ava’s Italian Eatery at 208 Washington Street
Losurdo Brothers at 410 2nd Street
M&P Biancamano at 1116 Washington Street
Tony Boloney’s Hoboken at 263 1st Street
Vito & Sons at 806 Washington Street

Ticket prices are $50 per person — and this year, Mutzfest is giving 50% of proceeds back to delis. Get them here.

“We want to help them since they’ve all suffered a decline in biz with the pandemic. By doubling the price it allows HFA (hopefully) to raise what it needs for our programs and give half back to them,” Theresa Howard of Hoboken Family Alliance shared.

About the COVID-19 Precautions for the Event

“We did a survey to see what people thought and people were excited about trying to do mutzfest in a safe fashion. More people showed an interest in the to-go but about 60% were interested in the crawl,” Theresa shared with Hoboken Girl. “We want to maximize fun and safety.”

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