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Mile Square Mama: 5 Activities with Little Ones {for When It’s Cold Out}

by Jennifer
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While we are a Hoboken lifestyle blog and website, we cater to the needs of all types of Hoboken girls — which includes the beautiful mamas in town! Our resident Mile Square Mama will be giving us tips from her arsenal of mom-savvy knowledge sporadically {which is great whether you’re a mom or just in the running for “Aunt of the Year” as babysitter of your nieces and nephews for the weekend}. So stay tuned for a mish mash of urban mom knowledge coming your way from time to time!


Spring may be here, but with the weather we‘ve had this year, you never know how many cold, rainy days Mother Nature has in store this season. This time of year can be especially challenging for Hoboken families with small children. Since space is at a premium in Hoboken, many families have been cooped up in an apartment with young children for weeks on end. I’m sure many Mile Square mamas and Hoboken girls have felt a bit stir crazy this year!


The good news is that there are so many great indoor options in or near Hoboken that will keep kids happy and active — whether you’re babysitting your nieces and nephews or just having a fun day with your own kids. While the following places are popular winter and early spring destinations for my family, they are also great year-round options. Whether you’re looking to escape the cold or a heat wave, these are always great choices for an entertaining afternoon with little ones:

1. Liberty Science Center

It’s a super quick ride to get to this Jersey City gem. The exhibits are amazing and there are always options relevant for all ages.

liberty science center hoboken girl

 A few tips:

– It’s $8 to park or you can take the Light Rail as it stops right there! Kids LOVE the adventure of a train ride and, let’s be honest, it kills more time.

– There are cafeteria-style tables if you want to stay through lunch. If you have been avoiding the brisk walk to the grocery store, can’t get out of the house fast enough or decide to stay at the last moment, there are actually some decent lunch options in the cafeteria. 

– Admission is $19.75/Adult + $15.75 Child. A Basic Family annual pass (two adults and up to four children under 18) is $140. Tip: you may list your second adult as Guest and then invite a friend and her kid(s) to join you.



2. Hoboken Public Library

– The Hoboken Public Library is such a hidden gem [read more about it here]. There are so many events and story times that kids love. Here’s the schedule.

Hoboken Public Library

A few tips:

– Children can get their own library cards.

– There’s a huge selection of movies to rent. Rest assured – they have multiple copies of Frozen! {as if you don’t already own it).

It’s always budget friendly: free! In fact, you never have to worry about late fees because they email reminders when books are due.

Remember your stroller lock because you must park strollers outside


3. Diamond Gymnastics

Diamond Gymnastics is located on Willow Avenue near 8th Street. They allow open gym enrollment for anyone who is in the age requirement, and you don’t have to be a current member which is great. Diamond Gymnastics staff monitors the floor while you and your child roam the gym freely to jump, climb and explore at your own pace. Kids from 15 months to 6 years are welcome to play.

diamond gymnastics

There is also Open Gym Drop-Off hour for the older athletes who want to practice their skills or play with instructors. Open Gym Play Passes can be purchased in advance and scheduled online or via email. It’s a great way to check out the facility before you decide on your classes for next semester.


4. Monkey Barre

Local Barre

If you’re looking for a spot that’s equally as fun for kids as it is for moms, then Local Barre’s Monkey Barre class is a wonderful fit.

While moms take a Local Barre or Wheelhaus class, kids will be entertained and have the opportunity to play with other children. The best news is that Monkey Barre is complimentary until April 30 at the Uptown and West locations of Local Barre!


5. Urban Arts 

While these art classes are also for adults, Urban Arts offers art classes for children as well. This is a great spot for self-expression and discovery, and they even host student art shows throughout the year.


They have painting and drawing classes for both toddlers and school-aged kids alike. The class length is usually about 45 minutes, and they even say that 2-year-olds can stay on task for this amount of time in their classes. Quite the feat!


Where are your favorite spots in town to keep the kids active?

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