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MamaSushi Is Bringing Asian-Latino Fusion Sushi Dishes to Union City-Hoboken Border

by Steph
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If you’ve ever dined at one of MamaSushi‘s already established five locations — in Passiac, Elizabeth, New York, and elsewhere — then you’re no stranger to the uniqueness the Latino-Asian fusion restaurant brings to each of its dishes. Now, residents of Hoboken and Union City can expect the same at 3417 Park Avenue. MamaSushi announced on Instagram they will open their sixth location on the Northern side of Park, near the Hoboken border.

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The Instagram post from early August reads, “Almost ready to serve you,” complete with a chopsticks and sushi emoji. The restaurant’s previous Instagram post was a call for hire, as they were still looking for bartenders, servers, bussers, and a hostess as of August 11.

Aside from hiring, the MamaSushi Instagram account is a trove of what Hoboken and Union City sushi lovers can expect. MamaSushi calls it, “more than sushi,” a concept spearheaded by executive chef David Nuñez, who according to the MamaSushi IG, “consciously applies his vast experience in the Asian-Latino fusion.”

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Unsure of what Asian-Latino fusion truly is? It’s a mix of Latino-inspired and Asian-inspired sushi dishes rolled into one. You’ll find sushi rolls and Beto boxes, Yucca fries and sweet plantains, Asian-style Pollo Guisao, and Latin-Asian spiced tuna tartare.

You’ll also notice some Asian- and Latin-inspired cocktails on the beverage menu as well. The Toyko Mojito features rum, sake, lime juice, and mint, while the Mamajuana Mojito — featuring infused mamajuana, lime, and mint — pays tribute to the classic Dominican drink.


{Photo credit: @mamasushiunioncity}

While the Hoboken area has several Asian fusion restaurants throughout town, MamaSushi may be the first nearby to fuse Asian and Latin-inspired dishes together. Other Asian-inspired fare can be found at Touch the Heart {if you’re looking for American dim sum}, Gogi Grill {if you’re in the mood for Korean food}, and Saku {a Japanese food spot also on Park Avenue}.

While MamaSushi hasn’t released an official opening date as of yet, it looks like the restaurant still plans to soft-open in the upcoming weeks.

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