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Lukin Center for Psychotherapy: A Family-Owned Practice with Personalized Care

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Maintaining and caring for your mental health is an important {maybe the most important} part of real self-care. Daily stresses can build up, and if you add in other big life issues, it can take a toll on how you feel mentally + emotionally. While relaxing baths and a Sunday spent on the couch with your favorite show is definitely relaxing, sometimes you need a little more than that. The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy is a family-owned psychotherapy practice with offices in Hoboken, Jersey City, Ridgewood, and New York City. They provide high-quality, evidence-based therapy, treating patients of all ages with an individualized approach. And they are offering our readers a free phone consultation so that you can experience the first step to healing without any commitment. Keep reading to learn all about the Lukin Center and their therapy services.

lukin center for psychotherapy

About the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy

The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy was established in 2012 by Dr. Konstantin Lukin and Dr. Paula Yanes-Lukin and has grown to become the largest psychotherapy practice in the area. They opened their first office in Hoboken and have since opened a second Hoboken location just last year. 

Every treatment modality offered at the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy is evidence-based and proven through extensive research. And with a hand-picked team of multidisciplinary professionals and specialists, their services are not your typical “sit and vent” kind of sessions — Lukin Center patients get comprehensive, high-quality treatment, no matter which doctor or clinician they work with. 

They believe that the doctor-patient relationship is the number one key to effective, individualized treatment. And even as the practice has grown, Dr. Lukin still personally matches every new patient with the clinician that has the best mix of skills, training, and personality for that patient. “I feel this is one of the most important factors in helping patients work toward their mental health and personal growth goals, and it aids in developing a meaningful, productive relationship with a professional you can like and trust,” he shared about his process.

Therapy Services

For many people, choosing a therapist feels like playing a game of chance — from figuring out treatment types to understanding the difference between an MSW, LCSW, Ph.D., and PsyD, it can be overwhelming to find the best provider for you or your loved one. That’s why the Lukin Center created a practice environment where there’s no guesswork involved. 

They have a large list of psychotherapy services, many of which can be hard to come by at other practices. The Lukin Center stands out because of their ability to treat patients in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT works by changing people’s attitudes and behaviors by identifying the thoughts, beliefs, and cognitions that negatively impact emotional life, which in turn leads to problematic behaviors. The purpose of CBT is to help you learn how to better manage your concerns so that you can effectively address them independently.
  • Acceptance + Commitment Therapy: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy {ACT} is an evidence-based treatment that stems from cognitive behavioral therapy, and focuses on learning to both accept your emotional experience, and commit to making behavior changes that can enrich your life + increase psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility includes being in the present moment, with awareness of your own self-talk and emotional experience, and changing or persisting in behavior that aligns with your values.
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy: Dialectical Behavior Therapy {DBT} is a type of therapy that aims to help patients learn to manage painful emotions in adaptive ways, and to decrease conflict in relationships. There are four key areas of DBT: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. DBT aims to instill both acceptance and change.
  • Emotional Focused Therapy: EFT usually lasts 8-20 sessions and can be used to treat individuals, couples, and families. EFT has over 20 years of research demonstrating its effectiveness in treating a variety of problems and psychiatric disorders. In fact, EFT works over 80% of the time, no matter what the reason is for treatment. This is a common therapy used with couples.
  • Neuropsych Evaluations: Neuropsychological evaluations come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. The evaluations conducted at the Lukin Center are determined based on the patient’s specific needs. Understanding the neuropsychological sources of an individual’s cognitive and emotional functioning helps identify issues in attention, memory, personality, self-awareness, cognition, and emotional expression + regulation.
  • Tele-Therapy: Tele-therapy offers convenience to patients who can’t make a trip into the office. Studies have suggested that the outcomes of in-person and telehealth are the same. As it is with discussing any confidential information, privacy is of the utmost importance. Dr. Lukin suggests taking a tele-therapy call in a private office or a quiet space in your home — for confidentiality and for staying engaged.

Unfortunately, children + adolescents also experience depression, anxiety, as well as exhibit oppositional and defiant behaviors. Facing these difficult and complex emotional issues as children and adolescents makes them particularly vulnerable, given their lack of life experience and coping skills. CBT/DBT is well suited to address all of these concerns as the focus of treatment is on developing coping skills and effective interpersonal relationships.  

The Lukin Center also sees couples and have specialists who deal with men’s issues, so no matter your age, life status, or current issue, there is a professional at the Lukin Center who can help.

Contact + Free Phone Consultation

Making the commitment to share personal information and life issues can be hard, which is why Dr. Lukin is offering our readers a free phone consultation to help interested patients figure out which type of therapy service and doctor would be the best fit for your current needs. Just mention Hoboken Girl when calling the office.

The Lukin Center for Psychotherapy has five convenient locations for patients to be seen:

  • Hoboken:
    (917) 903-1901
    223 Bloomfield Street, Suite #107

(201) 577-4869
80 River Street, Suite #302

  • Jersey City:
    (201) 577-8124
    277 Grove Street, Suite #202
  • Ridgewood:
    (551) 427-2458
    20 Wilsey Square
  • New York City:
    (646) 477-1760
    151 West 86th Street, Suite 1-CE
  • Englewood
    (201) 292-6764
    163 Engle Street, Building 1A

You can call for an appointment, email DrLukin@LukinCenter.com, or fill out this form on their website. 

This post is sponsored by the Lukin Center.

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