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Love The Clutter: A Home + Lifestyle Online Shop Based in Jersey City

by Alexis Spoden
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Marie Kondo taught us all to let go of things, leaving only products that serve us. Local business owner Sarah Sacco understands the Marie Kondo way of living, but also feels that the things we own have meaning, and those are the things we should hold onto. Sarah explains that the word “clutter” so often has a negative connotation. She, however, challenges people to change the way they look at their clutter and to appreciate that which carries love, meaning, and memories. This notion is what Sarah’s business, Love The Clutter, is all about.

Love the Clutter is a home and lifestyle shop focused on offering products that hold meaning and tell a story, based in Jersey City. Here’s how this former fashion designer took a leap of faith and quit her corporate job in fashion to pursue her own home and lifestyle shop. 

love the clutter lifestyle boutique

The Journey to Small Business Ownership

love the clutter lifestyle boutique

Sarah grew up always exploring her creative side. Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were incredibly talented designers, so she would often spend hours with them, watching them, and learning how to sew. 

“I would spend a lot of time oil painting and sewing and making clothes for dolls and myself so at an early age I knew I wanted to do fashion,” Sarah explains. 

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Sarah went to school for fashion in Philadelphia before eventually heading to NYC — where she knew she wanted to start her career. Sarah’s first job out of college was for the designer Nanette Lepore and is where she first learned the ropes of design and production. 

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From there, she moved to a private label company. “I learned how to become a more versatile designer because I would have to shift and understand the differences between each brand that I worked with,” Sarah continues. She continued to work in fashion design for seven years, her latest job being on the design team at Ann Inc. and The Loft Outlet where she was able to experience a more corporate environment.

love the clutter lifestyle boutique

“It was at that point I found I was becoming more interested in the home,” Sarah admits, and she began dabbling with starting something of her own. She started working on Love The Clutter around February of 2019 and decided to take it full time a year later. 

“My plan was to launch in April 2020, but of course the pandemic hit.” Although a few pop-ups had to be canceled due to lockdown, Sarah still decided to launch her website, and on April 10th, 2020, Love The Clutter online was born. 

About Love The Clutter

love the clutter lifestyle boutique

Sarah is often asked, “why clutter?” She answers this question simply by using a Wayne Dyer quote – “The only difference between a flower and a weed is judgment.” In other words, “the things we choose to keep in our home is all clutter, but it’s what makes us, us, and in a way, we’re lucky to have clutter. For example, the seashell you found from the day at the beach in Tulum, or a blanket you bought in Morocco. Everything carries stories. These things are your living scrapbook,” Sarah explains. 

And this notion is what Love The Clutter is all about. 

“I wanted every piece to come with a story – you can buy a blanket from anywhere, but there is a reason why you are buying it from me. There is meaning behind it,” she explains.   

The Products

love the clutter lifestyle boutique

With her fashion design background, Sarah was able to make a seamless transition to designing home goods and lifestyle products. “I found that home and lifestyle design is a lot slower, and I could work more on quality and the story behind the product, as well focus on sustainability,” Sarah explains. 

Sarah takes great care in the way she arranges her shop and curates her products. She has four qualifiers that she uses to decide what products to carry in her shop. The first is that she would have it personally, and the second is it needs to be ethically made by artists or an artisan. The third qualifier is it needs to be sustainably focused, and lastly, it will support other small businesses or female-owned businesses. 

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Her product staples are her pillows and home textiles, all of which she designs herself. She will design the pillows, and often make them herself, but will work with weavers in Morocco and India to create the fabrics for the pillows. Pillows range in price from $48–$90, and occasionally over $100 for larger creations. 

love the clutter lifestyle boutique

Sarah also designs, makes, and sells beautiful masks, mask chains, and jewelry. Most of her masks are organic cotton, or they are lined with organic cotton. These range from $25–$30. 

Another collection that Sarah carries is apothecary, which she outsources. This assortment consists of candles and essential oils, all made with all-natural ingredients. 

Sarah curates a vintage collection of home décor, decanters, glasses, trays, trinket dishes, and more. “My hope is when you’re in my shop or on my website it is a seamless experience whether you’re shopping for new or vintage pieces,” Sarah explains. 

Where to Find Love The Clutter

love the clutter lifestyle boutique

Love The Clutter has appeared at pop-up shops all over Hoboken, Jersey City, Brooklyn, and beyond. Sarah started doing outdoor pop-ups in July at The Co. in Hoboken, where many of her products are still sold, as well as a pop-up at Mint Market in Jersey City, Hudson Coffee in Hoboken, and more. Sarah is currently stationed at a pop-up in Pilates BKLYN at 58 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, New York through December every Friday through Sunday. 

Other than pop-ups around town, customers can shop Love The Clutter 24/7 online at www.lovetheclutter.com. For customers who are local and want to save a buck on shipping, they can use the code PICKUP at checkout and arrange for local pickup. 

Sarah’s hopes for the new year is to expand her business and to have more of her products carried in local boutiques and stores. She is currently using her time to learn the markets, and maybe one day will open a permanent location for Love The Clutter but is taking one day at a time. 

Be sure to follow @lovetheclutter on Instagram to check out Sarah’s latest product assortment and to get a behind the scenes look at all things Love The Clutter. 


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