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Love Is Blind Season 2 to Film at The W Hotel in Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Amid all the craziness, one thing has been keeping us all going strong — Netflix. From Tiger King to Love is Blind, Netflix keeps us {slightly} sane during these difficult times. And in very exciting news, we have just gotten word that the next season of Love is Blind is going to be filmed right here in Hoboken at the W Hotel, using the hotel rooms as pods, and a V exciting change in hosts:

Here are all the details on this new revelation:

netflix love is blind hoboken


On Picking The W As the Next Location

Given the popularity of the show, they wanted to move it from Atlanta to the NYC metro area, and, according to sources, the W Hoboken was a perfect fit.

“We love that there are views of NYC, a smalltown feel in Hoboken, and a community vibe above all,” a source from Netflix told us. “And of course — the W Hoboken has the ideal set up for pods — plus we know they’re pretty good at social distancing under the current circumstances.”

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The show would begin filming in 2021, and most likely pick a Caribbean spot for the pre-wedding getaways.

“With the new Woodhouse Day Spa coming to the space as well, it’s going to be great for the new cast to relax between scenes,” the Netflix source shared.


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The Hosts

Given that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey were barely in the show besides a few moments, and that several of the couples turned out to be such the favorites, the new season is going to be hosted by one set of lovebirds in particular — Cameron and Lauren Hamilton.

love is blind hoboken w hotel

“It was only right, as they are just such a better cast pick having been through it,” our source shared. It was also noted that there would be a lot more drama in this Love is Blind series than last season, given the popularity of the show.

“We’re going to up the ante with some Hudson County drama, while still focusing on finding love, of course,” the source explained.

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Here’s What Else We Know


Seriously wishful thinking. But, also, maaaaaaybe Netflix will consider some of our suggestions {especially Lauren + Cameron as hosts}?

You didn’t think that after Justin Bieber last year, even with COVID-19 being all-encompassing, we were gonna let our favorite holiday go by us without a little fun.

Either way we hope this brought you a chuckle and that you read this safe from your home, practicing social distancing till further notice.


xo Happy April Fool’s Day!

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