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The LoDG Doughnut Shop Opening in Jersey City Heights This Friday

by Steph
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The area of the Jersey City Heights has been undergoing a lot of changes lately — from a forthcoming gated community nearby and a new hemp and CBD store to Via’s on-demand van service launching in the area. But despite all those recent developments, Jersey City was kinda lacking in one specific area, at least according to LoDG. Doughnuts!

The Law of Donutgineering — also known as LoDG — has announced on its official Instagram that it’s coming to feed Jersey City at 7 Bleecker Street. Opening in JC on March 6th, LoDG is a craft doughnut company that, according to its IG bio is “engineering donuts you’ve never seen, heard, or even dreamt of before.” 

lodg doughnuts

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About LoDG

The LoDG, a delivery-based shop, is the delicious brainchild of a couple, Eddie and Flav, who were on a mission to craft a decadent doughnut. According to the LoDG’s website bio, “They are a couple who happen to be as in love with each other as they are with delicious food.” The bio continues, “A biomedical engineer and a lawyer who realized there are not any remarkable and decadent craft donut spots in the area, so they decided to fix that problem.” And fix the problem, they have — enter LoDG, as Eddie {the biomedical engineer} and Flav {the lawyer} have engineered something truly unique when it comes to doughnuts.

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What’s on the Menu

lodg doughnuts jersey city

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Let’s talk flavors, then, because we’re pretty sure you’ve never had a doughnut in some of these combinations offered by LoDG.

According to The LoDG’s website, the shop offers a pretty vast array of doughnuts. The Signature Goodies include Apples, 5 Spice & Everything Nice — a five-spice apple cider cake doughnut with orange zest and orange sugar crystals — Cheesecake-O-Lantern — a pumpkin cheesecake doughnut with a sweet Bourbon glaze — El Balsero — a Cuban-inspired guava cake doughnut drizzled with cream cheese — and Platandough — a yeast doughnut with a creamy plantain filling, cinnamon sugar glaze, topped with a fried sweet plantain.

law of doughnut egineering

{Photo credit @the_lodg}

Other signature flavors include Straight Outta Hud’Co, The Fruit Cup, and You’re So Corny.

In the way of LoDG glazes, LoDG offers Aunt Jemi-Gineer, Butter Snow, 1,2 Cha Cha Chai, Cinna-NYM, and Taro-Conut — a tropical, taro glazed doughnut topped with shredded coconut that’s currently in the works.

So far, it looks like doughnuts are available via delivery, but also by bulk order and catering, and soon out of a storefront in Jersey City.

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If LoDG looks familiar to you, it may be because it’s been operating out of the area for a while now in addition to their online business. Yes, even before the shop managed to open up its own brick-and-mortar shop, LoDG served doughnuts out of a pop-up inside Hudson Coffee. It also was found at Jefferson’s Coffee, 9 Bar Cafe, and Parker Cafe — as well as making appearances at local food markets.

Regardless of how you’ve come across them or are planning to come across them in the future, it’s safe to say that these doughnuts will be a welcome addition to the area.

Welcome to the neighborhood, LoDG!

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