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10 Unique Hoboken + Jersey City Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow ASAP

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Living in Hoboken and Jersey City, we know that the social media landscape has been quite oversaturated by accounts in the last few years — from everything ranging from food to skyline views to sunsets. But where to turn to find quality content on Instagram in Hoboken and Jersey City {besides @HobokenGirlBlog of course!}? We’ve rounded up our top 10 local IG accounts you *need* to follow — unique, quality content that is sure to brighten your feeds. Here’s the list:

1. @LoveontheHudson

Waterfront kisses. #loveonthehudson #cutecouple #creepinitreal

A post shared by Love on the Hudson (@loveonthehudson) on

Inspired by a couple that had a photographer surprise them with a candid pic, @LoveontheHudson is paying it forward by creepin’ on people’s swoon-worthy private moments. Check in often to see if they caught you showing some love… along the Hudson.

Harborside Sport + Spine
Vepo Clean

2. @Stoopoken


Created to highlight the beauty of Hoboken’s urban spaces adorned with flowers and greens, @Stoopoken is a perfect mini escape from the concrete jungle. The account features local — you guessed it — stoops and urban gardens and is bound to make you want to head outside STAT.

3. @tiny_and_hungry

Legen….wait for it….dairy

A post shared by Tiny & Hungry (@tiny_and_hungry) on

How much can two girls under 5 foot eat? You’re about to find out…

4. @Gmandle1

We discovered George Mandle’s eye for a beautiful IG snap and edit several months back, and our feeds have never been the same since. His colorful edits + local snaps are sure to inspire with their vibrant colors around Hoboken and Jersey City.

5. @NJpizzagirls


Saying goodbye to summer with this margherita bae 💓🌞

A post shared by NJ Pizza Girls (@njpizzagirls) on

While they don’t cover *just* Hudson County, the @NJpizzagirls are worth a mention, as they are on a quest to taste pizza all over the Garden State {and beyond}. It’s worth a follow, promise.

6. @AboveHoboken


All shots taken via drone thanks to local resident Jeremy Salazar — a really unique perspective on our every day Mile Square views.

7. @OverheardHoboken


AMEN #overheardhoboken #hoboken #hobokenlife #hobokennj #hobokenliving

A post shared by Overheard Hoboken (@overheardhoboken) on

We’re not sure we 100% believe all of these {a la GS Elevator #tbt}, but OverheardHoboken chronicles unforgettable {or forgettable, hopefully} phrases heard around the Mile Square.


8. @WildJerseyCity

Sunday morning, Liberty State Park

A post shared by John Dunstan (@wildjerseycity) on

The juxtaposition of urban scenes versus nature makes for some pretty awesome shots…especially when an English bulldog is involved.


9. @When.In.JC


When Mac and Cheese is errthang… @skinnersloft

A post shared by when in Jersey City (@when.in.jc) on

With a tag line alluding to their dinner rezzies, you can be sure that this JC IG will be nothing but food. Small but mighty in their following, the photos don’t lie — these meals are legit. #JCcometoMAMA

10. @vintage_jc


Montgomery street 1910 #jerseycity #vintagejc

A post shared by @vintage_jc on

Run by blogger ChicpeaJC, @vintage_JC showcases old school photos of Jersey City submitted by readers for the ultimate #TBT experience, Chilltown-style.


Just a few of our favorites as of late. Have one to add? Leave it in the comments!

PS: Follow our sister site accounts to @HobokenGirlBlog: @JerseyCityGirlBlog and @MontclairGirlBlog to stay in the loop! Happy scrolling 🙂


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