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New Paulus Hook Coffee Shop to Open Within Local Wine Store

by Jean Lee
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It can be hard choosing between that afternoon latte or happy hour glass of wine. Lucky for us, Liberty Wine & Deli, located at 200 Washington Street, is making that decision even easier — as the local hot-spot is giving patrons another new energizing reason {as if we need any} to visit in the very near future. Customers may have noticed a section of the store is currently under construction as the owner transforms it into a new coffee shop and cafe, set to open in the next few months. Keep reading to learn more about the coffee shop opening inside of Liberty Wine & Deli in Jersey City’s Paulus Hook neighborhood. 

Liberty Wine + Deli

The New Cafe

When asked why Liberty Wine & Deli, an already popular establishment in the area, was opening a cafe within the wine and liquor store, the owner, Hansen, replied that in this work-from-home environment “people need coffee during the day.”

Where a small selection of packaged goods once sat, will now be home to a coffee shop and cafe. Currently, there is plastic separating the store from the construction, so it’ll be exciting when customers can order the afternoon coffee and pop over to the wine section to purchase a nice bottle of wine or a six-pack of craft beer for a little nightcap.

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While it won’t have its own name, the new coffee haven will have its own menu filled with locally sourced and organic items. The coffee will be intelligentsia coffee, a self-proclaimed pioneering coffee company with roots in the Chicago area. The pastries {we cannot wait for the croissants and muffins} will be from Balthazar Bakery, a regional favorite in the area. And finally, the menu will include a selection of organic teas from kilogram tea. 

Adding to the excitement of the coffee bar is the sleek look of new modbar coffee machines. These state-of-the-art coffee and beverage makers operate largely under the counter, so the only thing the customer sees is the faucet pouring the liquid caffeine {or decaf if that’s your thing}. 

The cafe won’t serve alcoholic beverages, but that doesn’t mean we can’t order our coffee to go and grab a bottle of wine for home while we’re at it. There will also be outdoor seating available to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a delectable pastry {or maybe two, let’s be honest}.

The Wine Store 

Liberty Wine & Deli

We would be remiss not to mention the other half of this local fan favorite. Liberty Wine & Deli has a wide selection of tequilas, whiskeys, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. Seriously, there are so many varieties of liquors, you could spend hours browsing the floor-to-ceiling shelves. 

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The largest library, however, is the two floors of wine from all over the world. White wine and rose choices are upstairs {with a small selection pre-chilled for your sipping pleasure}, and most of the red wines can be found on the bottom floor. If you’re lucky, you might even see a fish or two in the pond on the lower level. 

Check back for more updates later this spring/early summer for the coffee shop’s grand opening, or visit in the meantime for a nice bottle of rose {or whatever you want}.


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