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Meet Lauryn Galda: The Woman Behind LGO Professional Organizing

by Arielle Witter
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It’s officially a new year, and with a new year comes a slew of new resolutions. One of those resolutions might be to get more organized for 2020 and luckily, Lauryn Galda can help. As the mastermind behind LGO Professional Organizing {a home organizing business}, Lauryn is a Hoboken resident who is helping locals get organized one step at a time. As this week’s Hoboken Girl of the week, find out what inspires Lauryn, how her business came to be, and so much more.  

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Tell us about yourself. 

Two years ago, I started a home organizing business. LGO Professional Organizing started as a hobby; something I did every so often on the weekends while still having a full-time corporate fashion job in NYC. Some might question why organizing for other people would be a “hobby,” but the truth is I have been your classic “neat freak” since I was a young child. With color-coded and categorized closets by age 13, I knew this was something that would always be part of me.

It has now officially been one year since I left corporate America and took a huge leap of faith to run this business. “LGO” for short – my business is not limited to just organizing your home. I work with my clients to understand their priorities, which might be working on their closets, pantries, or basements, but could also be helping them move into a new home, preparing for a new child, dealing with the death of a loved one, or advice on how to proceed in a decluttered space without me. Every individual is different, which means every project is different. It will continue to be a learning curve with everyone I meet and every home I enter, but I am proud to be running my own business and look forward to connecting further with the Hoboken community!

How did you get into your career? 

While working in my 20’s in NYC, I transitioned from executive assistant roles to sales roles in both fashion and real estate companies. Not only did the job descriptions themselves prepare me for a life of organizing, but so did the industries. I’ve always liked to think I had an aesthetic/design eye, but growing in these roles helped me start my business on the side. Once I realized there was enough of a need in the community for my help, I went out on my own and officially started LGO.

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What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Working for myself is my biggest inspiration. Leaving corporate life was a scary step but pushing myself to make my own schedule and think about how I want to grow the business and everything I want to accomplish keeps me motivated.

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What are your goals for the year?

My goal is to reach the local community and meet as many people as possible. A steady business will hopefully lead to managing a team of other organizers as well.

What’s a typical day look like for you?

Every day is different in my business because everyone I work with is different. Leading up to a new job, I first go to the location and meet the client for a free consultation. I then build a proposal and shop for any products needed before completing the job. There is a lot of back and forth to The Container Store, which I actually love. For as many times as I have been there, I still get excited about a new gadget that I find!

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What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing how not only the homes that I work on but the people I work with actually transform. Once they see the potential of their space, most people want to keep tackling these cluttered areas and better themselves and their families.

What is the toughest part of your job? 

Seeing the emotional struggle that some clients have when dealing with their clutter. While I learn from all of these experiences, it is never easy to witness.

What’s your theory on organization and decluttering {aka Marie Kondo, Gretchen Rubin, etc}?

I like to view myself as a realistic organizer. Sure, we can all find inspiration from watching or reading tips and solutions from Marie Kondo, Gretchen Rubin, etc., however, you have to realistically put it into motion. I differ from someone like Marie Kondo because let’s be honest, you are paying me to organize for you. Do you want me to just come in and create a plan and hope you do your best or do you want me to come in, create a plan, tackle the hardest areas, and teach you how to maintain?  I truly believe that a life less cluttered does make you happier and more aware of your surroundings and I can only hope that those I work with feel the same.

What do you like to do on your days off?

When you run your own business, you are “always on,” but having a day or two to relax is needed. My family and I are extremely close so you can find me out in the suburbs with my two nieces, or hiking with my sister. Weather permitting, you can also find me near the Jersey Shore {Spring Lake & Sea Girt are my favorites}.

What advice would you give to someone trying to pursue your career path?

Keep at it! Being tired is a good thing if you are pushing towards your own goals.

What is the easiest way to start getting organized, if you don’t know where to start? 

Tackle small areas – a bathroom cabinet, jewelry drawer, hall closet, etc. Once you start to see the progress, you’ll likely want to keep the momentum going.

What are your top tips for getting organized in the new year?

Set goals and make the plan! Make calendar reminders for yourself to check in on your progress.

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Hoboken + Jersey City Favorites

What is your favorite restaurant in Hoboken and Jersey City?

Grand Vin in Hoboken and Matthew’s in Jersey City.

What is your favorite boutique in Hoboken? 

Luna Rosa for home goods.

What do you love most about Hoboken?

I love the sense of calm I feel when I get home at night. The overall aura and sense of community is something that I love to come home to.

What is your favorite thing to do in Hudson County?

Having the option to be so close to the city, but so close to the suburbs is my favorite thing about Hudson County. Head out on a kayak on the Hudson or go shopping at your local farmer’s market — there are endless options!

How long have you lived in Hoboken?

I have lived and worked in Hoboken for two years.

What is your favorite outdoor place to spend time in Hoboken?

Walking along the water, no matter the time of day. Pier 13 and City Bistro rooftop in the warm months as well.

What is your favorite place to work out in Hudson County?

I drank the SoulCycle Kool-Aid a long time ago, so of course, I was happy when they opened their uptown studio in Hoboken.

Where do you go out with friends in the area?

We try to switch it up, but living uptown, we always end up at our local favorites, Hudson Tavern and Bin 14.

 What is something you think needs to come to the area?

More healthy food options!

Keep up with Lauryn via her website  www.lauryngalda.com, on Facebook at LGO Professional Organizing, or on Instagram at @LGOrganized.

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