Jersey Shore Beach Regulations for Summer 2020

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This year, we all hoped to kick off the unofficial start of summer with the usual hot dogs, sunnies, and the Jersey Shore. However, due to the global pandemic, those celebrations looked different this year. While the end of the coronavirus pandemic is not yet in sight, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced in his briefing on May 14th the reopening of beaches along with a strong advisory that the shore is not yet business as usual. Before you hop in your cars and jump on the Parkway, check out this roundup of the beach regulations and how to keep you and your loved ones safe down the shore this year.


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Allenhurst Beach Club remains open along with the boardwalk, though you must adhere to social distancing guidelines. The club maintains the right to suspend its daily beach passes. See here for current published guidelines.

Asbury Park

The Asbury Park boardwalk has one-way travel arrows set up in both directions and the benches have been removed. You will need a beach pass to visit on the weekends through Labor Day, however, they are not needed on weekdays until June 15th. Daily passes can be purchased the night before for the following day starting at 6:30PM on the Viply app. The police will be monitoring, so make sure to adhere to social distancing guidelines and sit at least six feet apart from others. While the Convention Hall remains closed, restrooms will be accessible to the public from the beachside entrance.

Atlantic City

Both the boardwalk and beaches remain open in Atlantic City, beach badges are not required. See here for a list of beaches open with lifeguards on duty from 10:00AM-6:00PM daily.


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The Avalon Boardwalk has reopened and lifeguards will be on duty. No beach tags will be required until July 3rd. Mayor Martin Pagliughi addressed the Borough of Avalon, “Patrols will be on our beach and will require individuals and groups to social distance, when necessary. It is highly recommended that you wear a mask on the beach or boardwalk.”


Currently open on weekends, the beach at Avon-by-the-Sea will open daily on June 15th. The boardwalk is open for running and walking, but will close at 8:00PM each day. Seasonal beach badges are required and are no longer being sold. There will be 500 daily beach badges sold each day.

Barnegat Light

Similarly, Barnegat Light requires beach badges and will have lifeguards starting on June 13th. 

Social distancing guidelines are in place. 

Bay Head

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Badges are required beginning opening day, June 20th. Individuals must adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Beach Haven

Badges will be required in mid-June. Public bathrooms are open and — it is recommended — to wear masks when visiting them. According to the beach office, social distancing guidelines must be followed.


Belmar’s seasonal badges are being sold at the Taylor Pavilion and are needed for visits from 9:00AM-6:00PM through Labor Day. The beach and boardwalk are open and being monitored by a task force dedicated to social distancing as well as the police. 

Bradley Beach

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Seasonal and daily badge holders are allowed {badges required daily starting on June 18, 2020} to visit Bradley Beach. Swimming is permitted and showers and bathrooms will be available. Continue to practice social distancing and stay six feet apart when visiting.


Brick Beach 1 and Windward Beach Park are open now on weekends. Brick Beaches 1, 2, 3, and Windward Beach Park will be open daily beginning June 15th for swimming and visiting, with badges or daily wristbands, but the town of Brick will limit the number sold to prevent crowds.

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All beaches are open, but lifeguards will only be on four beaches — Roosevelt Boulevard, 16th, 26th, and 38th streets — during the preseason. You will not need to get beach tags before June 20th, but don’t forget your masks and make sure to follow social distancing guidelines.

Cape May Point

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Beach tags are not yet required to visit Cape May Point, but will be required starting June 20th. 

City of Cape May

Cape May beaches are open, but swimming is not yet allowed.


While the Deal Casino Beach Club will remain closed to the public, members and their guests will be allowed entry to the beaches. Masks should be worn at beach entry points and when using the open bathrooms. 

Harvey Cedars

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Badges are not required at Harvey Cedars until June 27th. Visitors should always practice social distancing protocol. Swimming is allowed.


Lavallette beach has reopened for all activities, but badges will not be required until June 20th when lifeguards will be on duty for swimming. The boardwalk has also reopened for walking and jogging, but bicycles remain prohibited. 

Long Beach Township

As early as June 1st, beaches in LBI are requiring badges. To purchase one, the Beach Badge Shack is open from 9:00AM-3:00PM daily. Lifeguards will be guarding 68th street, 96th {Acme}, and 25th {Spray Beach Inn} seven days a week.

Long Branch

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Beach badges are required in Long Branch and social distancing will be enforced. Masks should be worn when entering and exiting the beach and the capacity will be monitored closely. The restrooms along the beachfront are open. Additionally, there are portable Johns in place and available to the public to reduce lines and provide more options for visitors.


Currently, there are no beach tags for sale at Longport, but they will be made available once the beach is staffed in mid to late June. Check here for updates. Swimming is not allowed in Longport and the public restrooms, showers, and water fountains will remain closed.


In Manasquan, the beach and parking lots will be closed on weekdays until June 13th, the official start of the season. Seasonal badges or daily badges are required. Capacity will be monitored and beach access will be limited. Playgrounds will remain closed but the restrooms will be open at Ocean, Brielle, and Main daily 8:00AM to dusk starting June 13th.


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Lifeguards will be staffed beginning June 20th in Mantoloking. Visitors may be instructed to head north or south on the beach to the next available walkway depending on capacity and badge checkers ability to enforce social distancing.

Margate City

The beach is open for sunbathing only. Beach Patrol will be present to monitor and ensure large gatherings do not occur. Social distancing guidelines must be followed.

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Monmouth Beach

Only 175 daily passes will be sold at Monmouth Beach this summer to align with state requirements to limit capacity and maintain social distancing guidelines. 

Ocean City

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In Ocean City make sure you follow social distancing guidelines when purchasing beach badges {stay six feet apart in line, wear a mask, and wash or sanitize your hands afterward}. To help keep groups to a minimum, there are some restrictions on tents and canopies, which will not be permitted on the beaches between 1st and 10th streets. Hand sanitation stations have also been installed at regular intervals along the boardwalk and bathrooms are open and being sanitized throughout the day.

Ocean Grove

Badges in Ocean Grove are required and while seasonal badges have sold out, you can join the mailing list for updates here. Beach access will be controlled by limiting the number of daily badges sold. All beach staff will be required to wear masks and one lifeguard will be on the stand at a time. 

Point Pleasant Beach

Badges will be required on weekends leading up to June 20th at Point Pleasant, when they will begin being required at all times. Similar to many of the other Jersey Shore beaches, daily badges will be available until capacity is reached. Swimming will be permitted as long as lifeguards are present.

Sandy Hook

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For most vehicles, parking is $15 per day and covers entrance to the beaches. Sandy Hook is limiting capacity to 50% and lifeguards will be on duty beginning in mid-June. For now, the beaches are open for passive recreation but swimming is prohibited. Limited porta Johns are also available. Check here for the most recent updates.

Sea Bright

Sea Bright beaches are open and capacity will be monitored. Badge access is required. Public restrooms will be open allowing for up to three patrons at one time, but masks are recommended to maintain social distancing requirements when using the facilities. 

Sea Girt

A limited number of daily badges will be sold to gain entrance to Sea Girt beaches. Bathrooms and outdoor showers will be open but social distancing will be enforced and bathrooms will be closed on a periodic basis for cleaning. 

Seaside Heights

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Access to Seaside Heights beaches will be available at Blaine, Franklin, Dupont, Hiering, Carteret, and Hancock avenues. A seasonal beach badge is required for beach entry through June 30th. Only a limited number of daily wristbands will be sold each day through the Viply smartphone app. Swimming will not be permitted from May 15th to June 30th. There will be limited public restroom access. Coolers will not be permitted on the beach.

Seaside Park

Beach badges are required for entry and there will be monitored capacity limits. The beach will open on weekdays starting June 29th. Social distancing should be maintained at all beaches.

Ship Bottom

Beach badges will be required from mid-June through Labor Day at all bay and ocean beaches. Lifeguards will be on duty from 10:00AM-6:00PM in season.

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Spring Lake

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Spring Lake is open on weekends and will open daily on June 15th. Badges must be purchased in advance and sales will close once daily limits have been reached. Access points to the beach {Pitney, Lorraine, Tule, Washington, Sussex, Salem, Union, and Brown Avenue} require that masks be worn. Bathrooms also are open with new cleaning protocols and social distancing guidelines enforced.

Stone Harbor

Stone Harbor beach is open to residents and visitors from 10:00AM-4:00PM daily. Swimming is allowed. Beach tags are required for entry.

Surf City

Beginning June 20th, Surf City beaches require badge access. 

Toms River {Ortley Beach}

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Currently open on weekends, Ortley Beach will open up daily on June 20th, at which point badges will also be required. The boardwalk has been reopened and masks are not required but are strongly encouraged.

Upper Township

Upper Township beaches are free and do not require beach tags. They are currently open with full access for all permitted activities. Lifeguards are on duty.


To start, Ventnor beaches are open for sunbathing, with the four preseason beaches {Headquarters Suffolk, Dorset, New Haven, and Lafayette Avenues} staffed with lifeguards and open for swimming. Visiting requires badges. Surfing, paddle boarding, rowing, and kayaking are all permitted, as well, but it is recommended to prepare off the beach and boardwalk. 

Wildwood Crest

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All beaches at Wildwood Crest do not require beach tags, but you must remain at least six feet apart when visiting. Swimming is allowed with lifeguards on duty.

First and foremost, make sure to check the website of the beach you are visiting before leaving your apartment or house. Many beaches are offering seasonal passes to be purchased in advance on Viply. Since it is at the discretion of local officials on how they handle the current epidemic, it is important to continue to monitor capacity limitations. Overall, these restrictions are being implemented to ensure the health and safety of all beachgoers. 

Have you visited the Jersey Shore yet in 2020? Let us know about your experience in the comments!


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