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It’s a Wonderful Life at the Mile Square Theatre: A Review

by Danielle Lynch
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There’s simply nothing that makes us cry more than watching It’s A Wonderful Life during this time of year. It’s a staple holiday movie for so many people and is now back by popular demand as a “live radio broadcast” at The Mile Square Theatre {located on 14th + Clinton}. We had the honor of attending their first showing of the season and are so excited to share our experience with our readers.

its a wonderful life mile square theatre hoboken 2018

A Recap of the Classic Film

It’s A Wonderful Life is a heartwarming story of George Bailey, a discouraged man who thinks the world would be better off without him. His defeats and discouragements have caused him to believe that his life is unimportant to others. Fortunately for him, his guardian angel Clarence jumps to his rescue and helps George to realize how much he has impacted and means to the people in his life. Clarence allows George to see what life would be like had he never been born. This feel-good, cry-your-eyes-out major motion picture from the 1940s is a must-see for people of all ages.

About The Mile Square Theatre

mile square theatre hoboken

The Mile Square Theatre is a non-profit professional theater founded in 2003. Their mission is centralized around the idea of enriching the community through performing arts. Each year, the company produces professional shows for viewers of all ages. The MST also provides professional dance training {in ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz, theater dance, flamenco, + hip hop}.In addition to that, the company teaches acting and improv classes.

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Our Experience at The Show

its a wonderful life mile square theatre hoboken 2018

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The production was truly outstanding and different from most shows. An ensemble of five actors and actresses brought nearly twenty different characters to life throughout It’s a Wonderful Life. Through quick changes, each actor and actress moved from character to character seamlessly. At one point, one actor was playing the role of Mr. Potter and Mr. Bailey at the same time and was involved in the same conversation {now that takes A LOT of talent}. The charisma and talent of each actor and actress were absolutely unbelievable and made the show memorable. The ensemble was perfectly cast and brought back the joy that was the original screenplay.

its a wonderful life mile square theatre hoboken 2018

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Being a live radio broadcast meant the ensemble had to use their voices to bring the characters to life. The production was not actually broadcasted on live radio — but was run as if it was. Even the sponsored ads and commercials, if you will, were so telling of the times. Everyone stayed in character and featured their unbelievable voices {totes voiceover worthy} as they sang all of their actual commercial advertisements from modern-day Hoboken businesses. In addition, all sound effects were performed live on stage by an additional actor. From doors slamming to telephones ringing to the wintry winds blowing, it was all done on stage using everyday items. The sound effects were so lifelike and real. If you closed your eyes, most would never know the difference between the real thing and the sound effects. What talent on all ends of the spectrum from these artists.

its a wonderful life mile square theatre hoboken 2018

As if you had to ask, the whole show was emotional. From happy tears to sad, it brought out the holiday spirit in us all. If you’re looking for something to start off the holiday season with a twinkle in your eye, make sure you visit the MST for an authentic remake of this beautiful classic. Thank you to the Mile Square Theatre for keeping the arts in the forefront of our community.

its a wonderful life mile square theatre hoboken 2018

Purchase tickets to It’s a Wonderful Life at the MST hereThe show will run through December 23rd — happening on Thursdays – Saturdays at 8:00PM and on Saturdays + Sundays at 3:00PM.

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