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Live Music Events in Hoboken + Jersey City {December 2018}

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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This year is just about over but the live music in Hudson County is still going strong. As we round out December {and the last month of 2019}, the best local spots are keeping the entertainment going into the new year. Read on for a list of live music events in Hoboken + Jersey City during the month of December 2018. 

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December 1st — Apollo Sonders at the Fox and Crow {594 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City}

With the release of their new EP, Apollo Sonders is coming to Hudson County to celebrate. Bringing in the sounds of R&B, soul, and groove, The First Start is a new project worth seeing live. The show begins at 10PM.

December 1st — New Myths/ The FoxFires/ John Kadian at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge {340 Third Street, Jersey City}

Brit, Rosie, and Marina of New Myths take the term ‘Girl Squad’ to a whole new level. They got their start back in 2012 and since have seen their work featured in several ad campaigns {read: Gucci and Reef Surfwear}. Their portfolio includes stages such as SXSW, CMJ, and now FM. Tickets are $8 and the show begins at 9PM.

December 1st — The Amish Outlaws at Willie McBride’s {616 Grand Street Hoboken, NJ}

These guys are back again, and Hoboken is ready for them. Back in 2002, it was a meeting by chance and a love for music that brought The Outlaws together. Performing in full Amish garb, their shows are anything but typical. The show begins at 11PM.

December 3rd — An Evening with Mike Cooley of Drive-By Truckers at White Eagle Hall {337 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

Whether riding solo or selling out tours with the Drive-By Truckers, Mike Cooley is loved by many. Now, he is on the rode by himself performing unaccompanied acoustics off his debut solo album, The Fool on Every Corner. Tickets are currently on sale for $25. Doors open at 7PM.

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December 6th — Oids {Cincinnati}/ Paprmaker/ MOLICE {Japan}/ Halloweyed at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge {340 Third Street, Jersey City}

A band known for its space pop and an-wave sound is setting the stage for a magical night of music. The Oids have written, mixed, performed, and recorded all their own music to share with audiences across the country. Coming in from Ohio, the show will start at 8PM. Get your $8 tickets here.

December 7th — RJO Jazz New Release Series: Alex Clough at the Fox and Crow {594 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City}

A Jersey City resident is treating his home fans to his new series. Alex started in music as a very young child and hasn’t stopped since. He will continue with the Jazz series this month. The show will run from 10PM to midnight.

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December 7th — Uncle Ebenezer at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge {340 Third Street, Jersey City}

A FM crowd favorite is back again this month. Uncle Ebenezer himself shares with fans that he is thrilled to be back on the stage for some holiday Phishing. As always, he is calling all Phish fans to come out for a night that honors one of the greats. Tickets are being sold at the door for $10.

December 7th — The Burning Bees at Willie McBride’s {616 Grand Street, Hoboken}

Be sure your dancing shoes are dusted off before this show — they are needed. The Burning Bees are known for a night of high energy as they mix covers of classics with some original tunes. The night starts at 11PM.

December 8th — Scott Wolfson & Other Heroes at the Fox and Crow {594 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City}

Just under a decade in the music business, this group can boast weaving genres of music from folk to Broadway into their repertoire. They have an extensive list of songs to perform from their two albums. The music will begin at 10PM.

December 8th — Nine Dees Night at Willie McBride’s {616 Grand Street Hoboken, NJ}

Let’s go back in time and pay tribute to the decade of our generation—the ‘90s. This band covers all the best genres including hits from NSYNC to Snoop Dog and more. One of their best performances was opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and now they are coming to the Mile Square. Join in on the time travel here.

December 12th — Beninghove’s Hangmen at the Fox and Crow {594 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City}

Composer, writer, singer, and philanthropist—Bryan Beninghove is set to perform in his home area. After 5 albums, Beninghove is a veteran in the industry with his music being heard by large audiences and networks such as Bravo TV and Comedy Central. The Show kicks off at 8:30PM. 

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December 13th — Tiphanie Doucet at the Fox and Crow {594 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City}

Just her voice and a guitar, also throw in the occasional violin, and she is set to put on an entire show. Tiphanie Doucet is sharing her rustic folk sound and new album Under My Sun, with the crowd at Fox and Crow. Get more information and tickets here. 

December 13th — Low Dose/ Blockhouses/ Live! At the Movie! The Band! at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge {340 Third Street, Jersey City}

Low Dose is back in Jersey City and are bringing some locals to the stage with them as well. Pat Byrne and his band are making this their final performance ever. Join in on the fun and the farewell starting at 8PM. Tickets are on sale now for $8.

December 13th — Keller Williams’ Pettygrass ft. The Hillbenders at White Eagle Hall {337 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

“There is nothing like a room full of people singing along to the same song”—a quote stated not too long ago in 2015 by Keller Williams. For the past few years he has been gathering famous Tom Petty songs and adding a bluegrass spin. He is now ready to perform his latest project. Get tickets here.

December 14th — The Free Reeds at the Fox and Crow {594 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City}

Name a better combination than the piano and the button box. The only one is Rob Curto and Corey Purcell of The Free Reeds. Taking these instruments to the next level while pumping out the sounds of Ireland, France, Sweden, and Canada. Their set will begin at 10PM.

December 14th — Brian Kirk and The Jirks at Willie McBride’s {616 Grand Street Hoboken}

A good classic never gets old. The more these guys come back around the more we love them. Get ready to belt out the greatest hits of a lifetime with one of New Jersey’s premier cover bands. Check out their site for the extensive list of songs in their repertoire. For more info on the show follow here.

December 15th — The Benjamins at Willie McBride’s {616 Grand Street Hoboken}

If this band was described in one word it would be “energy”. The Benjamins have been combo-ing classic and modern music with ease since their inception back in 1999. A familiar face to loyal Willie McBride goers and a treat for newbies. The show is free and starts at 11PM.

December 15th — Teen Top at White Eagle Hall {337 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

Teen Top is back for a second round of their U.S. tour, visiting all brand-new cities this time. With the debut of their 6th album, these guys are ready to share their pop sound with new audiences. Welcome them in with open arms starting at 7PM.

December 16th — JCTC Dance: Cocktail Hour: The Show at White Eagle Hall {337 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

Think classic ballet with a 21st-century update and this show will come to mind. This cabaret-style performance will feature the B-Twist Orchestra. For those who want to enjoy more than a performance, reservations for dinner are available as well. Check out more information here.

December 21st — The Nerds at Willie McBride’s {616 Grand Street Hoboken}

Another crowd favorite and no stranger to this venue is back in town. The Nerds are another great on the list of New Jersey cover bands. Bringing back old school hits as well as some new jams. Don’t miss them. For more information head here.

December 22nd — Almost Easy at Willie McBrides {616 Grand Street Hoboken}

More than just a band, Almost Easy is a full form of entertainment. All 6 of its members hail from the Tri-state area and have been in the music business for decades. Jam along to music’s greatest hits from yesterday and today. Show kicks off at 11PM.

December 22nd — Holidays in Hudson County at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge {340 Third Street, Jersey City}

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Holiday Toy Drive Concert hosted by Harsh Realm and The Two Nines Podcast. Mercy Union, Ferentz and The Felons, Crazy & The Brains, Young House, and Matty Carlock will be in attendance as well. Proceeds from the event will benefit The German Shepard Rescue of New Jersey. For more information on tickets and what is needed to visit here.

December 22nd — Trophy Scars at White Eagle Hall {337 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

A quartet hailing from Morristown, NJ. This group is set out to share its latest project, Holy Vacants with audiences everywhere. This is the group’s 4th album and has been a two-year process. Join them in celebrating its release starting at 7PM.

December 28th — Something of the Found at Willie McBrides {616 Grand Street, Hoboken}

Starting with music’s grooviest decade, the ‘60s to present day, this band covers all things rock n roll and pop. While this group is young and energetic, they draw on some of the old heads for inspiration such as Dean Martin, Elvis, and Frank Sinatra. Their covers will kick off at 11PM.

December 29th — Changing Lanes at Willie McBrides {616 Grand Street, Hoboken}

Don’t let their young age fool you, these guys can go back into music’s archives and perform some of the greatest oldies. But, for the younger crowd, they can certainly shift to today’s hits as well. Baking up a nice mix to please crowds of any age. Show starts at 11PM.

December 31st — Lifespeed at Willie McBrides {616 Grand Street, Hoboken}

Ring in the new year with this Willie McBrides crowd favorite. This band is ready to bring the house down with their hard rock covers and energetic sets. Be sure to get a spot before the ball drops. For more information check out the site.

December 31st — Joonbug.com Presents Ainsworth Hoboken New Years Eve Party at Ainsworth Hoboken {310 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken}

Party the night away with a live DJ, food, fun, and more this year at Ainsworth. For five hours, enjoy a sophisticated night and good music. Tickets are on sale now. Must be 21+ to enter.

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Weekly Live Music Events


Open Mic Mondays at FM Jersey City

Piano Bar Night at J.C Underground in Jersey City

Live music at Mcswiggan’s in Hoboken


Live music at J.C. Underground from 7:00PM-12:30AM

Live music at Mcswiggan’s in Hoboken


Havana Live Music at The Cuban in Hoboken

Friday, Saturday, + Sundays

Live music on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at Wine and Whiskey Lounge in Jersey City

Live DJ every Friday and Saturday nights from 10:00PM-2:00AM

Live music and a live DJ at J.C. Underground on Saturday nights

Karaoke at Iron Monkey in Jersey City from 10:00PM-2:00AM on Saturday nights

Karaoke, live DJs, and a complimentary buffet at J.C. Underground in Jersey City from 9:30PM-1:30AM on Sundays

Just a few of the many live music events happening around the area — where will you be heading? Enjoy!

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