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Our Ride at Blast 7D in the American Dream, Created by a Hoboken Couple

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Right when it seems like American Dream Mall literally has everything you could dream of, one Hoboken husband and wife team stepped in to create something new. BLAST 7D is the world’s first fully interactive ride experience that incorporates seven different dimensions to make it really feel like you’re in the game. Located in East Rutherford, this one of a kind ride is the perfect way to chase away the cold weather blues and have family fun + host birthday parties this winter. Keep reading to learn more about BLAST 7D + all about our fun experience at this go-to ride in North Jersey.

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Friendly Competition at BLAST 7D

The concept behind BLAST 7D is a portal into five different ride experiences — from the future to the past to alternate dimensions and universes, the concept thematically and creatively houses them all in one space. This fully immersive, thrilling 7D ride is not just for kids — adults are more than welcome to join in on the friendly competition for the high score. The ride is definitely on our list as a fun way to escape the cold. Plus, from the neon lights and themed hallways leading up to the ride, it really felt like we were at an amusement park, reminiscent of a Disney experience.

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The 12-seat theater takes 3D technology and adds acceleration, motion, wind, and the element of competitive play as you blast on-screen bad guys to get the high score. There are five separate ride experiences — some scary, some not — all of which make you feel like you are flying, diving, jumping, and falling. The ride themes include:

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Gigamon: Players must save NYC from the attacks of Gruesome Gigamon (a bigger and meaner Godzilla) and his monster minions. We played Gigamon during our recent visit, and while we can neither confirm nor deny if we slayed, we definitely let out a scream…or two. 

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Los Banditos: This wild pursuit in the great American West includes a wagon, train, and river raft — plus you have to stop a mad scientist + his army of robot cowboys.

Zombies: Players must survive a fright-filled evening as zombies emerge from the dark corners of a sleepy town and terrorize all those in sight.

Carnival: Once trapped in a decrepit amusement park, players get tossed, pulled, and toyed with by a disturbed clown + other carnival characters.

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Werewolves: A poisonous gas gets released into the air and turns people into monsters. Players must stop these beasts before it’s too late!

Riders can book in advance online to secure their ride and ride times, walk-in and purchase tickets day-of or schedule events ahead of time for family fun, birthday parties, or other fun-filled private events. No matter the occasion, BLAST 7D is definitely on our list of something different to do this winter.

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Plan Your Next Birthday Party

Birthday parties at BLAST 7D not only feature the one-of-a-kind ride but are sure to win you bonus points with friends since it’s the ideal place to host indoor parties during the cold winter months. Parties can also partner with Mr. Beast or Best Pizza, which is coordinated through the BLAST birthday concierge — so you can spend more time having fun and creating memories and less time worrying about the logistics.

The 12-seat theater is perfect for birthdays, but parties don’t have to stay limited to 12 people and there aren’t charges for additional guests. Guests can simply be separated into smaller groups based on which experience they want and have a full hour of 7D competitive fun, bragging rights included.

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How This Hoboken Couple Launched Their Own American Dream

Parents to three boys, Amanda Zarrillo and Vito Zarrillo Jr. have lived in midtown Hoboken since 2008. Amanda is the brains behind the financial operation at BLAST 7D and still retains a full-time career in finance. 

After working in New York City for 23 years in advertising, branding, and marketing, Vito was laid off at 47 years old. Instead of going back to the grind of the corporate world, he decided to pursue something else — bringing joy and fun to people’s lives. After three and a half years of building the concept and space, BLAST 7D opened at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford.

“Coming from a family of business owners, I knew starting something by ourselves and for ourselves was the way we needed to go. Vito was the creative brain behind BLAST 7D and I handled operations, legal, insurance, and finances,” Amanda told The Hoboken Girl. “We found that our respective skills were perfectly complementary to bringing a nonexistent brand to life in one of the most daunting environments (pandemic, post-pandemic, and NJ bureaucracy) in our lifetime.”

We started the process with American Dream in 2019, and were really impressed with Triple 5’s vision for the American Dream Mall. The high percentage of entertainment and restaurants all in one location fit perfectly with our desire to bring a one-of-a-kind entertainment concept to locals and tourists alike.

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BLAST 7D is located at 1 American Dream Way in East Rutherford, directly next to Angry Birds Mini Golf on the first floor. You can call 551-248-4943 or reach out to info@blast7d.com with questions.

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