Meet the New Owners of Imposto’s Pizza

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Customers who visit Imposto’s Pizza in Hoboken can expect nothing less than high-quality ingredients from each pizza or pasta dish they order. New owners Alban and Bler Malota have made sure of that.

The brothers, who previously worked at their family’s restaurant H&S Giovanni’s Restaurant & Pizzeria, took over Imposto’s {located at 102 Washington Street} in April and revamped the entire menu to include their very own recipes. They also made sure they used best in class ingredients, including cheese and fresh vegetables, and renovated the interior to make it more modern for the Hoboken crowd and to fit Alban and Bler’s personalities.

Impostos Pizza Hoboken Owners

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“We worked at our dad’s place [Giovanni’s] since we were both 12 years old, so it was always like our dream to open up our own place,” Bler Malota told Hoboken Girl. “Our philosophy is to not put anything on the menu that we wouldn’t recommend to somebody, so basically everything we have on the menu is something that we taste-tested and curated to be as good as possible.”

Malota noted that some of their best-sellers are their specialty pizzas, like their Buffalo Chicken Pizza, made with crispy breaded chicken, their homemade creamy buffalo sauce, and mozzarella sauce. Their most popular delivery item is their Hoboken No Jokin’ Pizza, a Sicilian pie with vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella. Fans also love their pasta dishes, such as their Chicken Parmigiana and Nonna’s Lasagna, which is lasagna with ricotta, spinach, and Bolognese. There are gluten-free options to choose from, such as the Cauliflower Crust Pizza and gluten-free pasta. And, if there’s room for dessert, Imposto’s cannolis are a must-try, especially since they have cereal-based ingredients like the Fruity Pebble, Oreo, and Chips Ahoy! Cannoli.

Impostos Pizza Hoboken Chips Ahoy Cannoli

Their flavorful and fresh dishes aren’t the only qualities that set them apart from the other pizzerias in town. Malota told Hoboken Girl, “The thing that makes us special, I think, is that Al and I are both here every single day, and we see everything that goes out. We care about the food and also, from the second people walk inside, we like to say hi, we like to have a nice little conversation with them and just give [customers] a great experience overall.”

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As Hoboken begins to transition from outdoor to serving more people indoors and getting more take-out and delivery for the colder months, the brothers plan to bring more change to Imposto’s.

“We’re actually in the middle of revamping our whole menu again. We’re adding a few new pasta dishes. We’re adding a few new appetizers, and we’re also adding cheesesteaks and artisanal burgers,” Malota said. “We’re looking into adding other Beyond [Meat] or Impossible Italian sausages and burgers and stuff like that. We’re just working on the recipes right now, and we’re going to roll them out soon.”

Impostos Pizza Hoboken Baked Ziti Pasta

To stay up-to-date with the latest additions to Imposto’s {and to receive 15 percent off your order}, make sure to visit their website found here and be sure to follow them on Instagram.


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