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23-Year-Old Woman Saved from Hudson River After Attempting Photo on Hoboken Pier

by Jennifer Tripucka
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On Saturday, February 6, 2021, at approximately 3:32 AM, the Hoboken Police Department received a 9-1-1 call about a female who fell into the Hudson River near Pier 13. A 23-year-old female from Berkley Heights was out with friends and her brother in Hoboken — when they wanted to get a better view of New York City and take pictures. She fell in a hole in the pier, near Pier 13, after climbing a rail into an unauthorized area, and had to be rescued.

hudson river rescue hoboken

^Image of Hudson River — rescue took place farther uptown in Hoboken

The female victim climbed over the railing first and because of the snow on the ground, she did not see the gaps between the pier and the dock. This area of the pier is closed off to the public, according to the police’s press release.

Her brother attempted to rescue her but was unable and called 9-1-1.

As the officers were searching the area, Sergeant Robert Roman and Police Officer Michael Straten were waved down by a male in the area of 12th and Sinatra Drive North. He identified himself as the caller and brother of the female victim who fell into the water.

Sergeant Robert Roman grabbed his water rescue bag from his police vehicle and they both jumped over the railing and onto the pier. They immediately located a hole in the ground of the pier that dropped more than 10 feet deep and into the Hudson River.

The female victim was submerged waist high and was holding onto a piece of metal. The water bag was deployed, and she was able to secure herself with it as other officers arrived. Lt Michael Costello, now on the scene, took command as ESU Sergeant David DiMartino, ESU Police Officer Francis McCourt, ESU Police Officer James Barbro, and Police Officer Jesse Castellano assisted with the rescue.

A second water rescue bag was deployed along with a life preserver ring from the ESU Truck. It took a collaborative effort with all officers to save the woman from drowning.

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Sgt. DiMartino and Officer Straten, according to the HPD’s press release, had to reach half their body into the hole, with Officer Barbro, Sgt. Roman, and Officer Castellano holding onto their legs so they would not fall into the river. This enabled them to get a rescue ring around the victim and with further help from Lt. Costello and Officer McCourt they were ultimately able to pull the victim out.

Once the victim was pulled out of the river, she was treated by Hoboken EMS and transported to Hoboken University Medical Center, per the police.

All that being said, after the incident was shared on Twitter by Chief Ferrante and with the press, there were questions about the trespassing aspect of the incident and if charges were being considered for the subject. Here’s what Chief Ferrante tweeted:

He continued, noting a Twitter user’s question regarding the hole in the pier, “Just to clarify, this was a pier closed to the public, with fencing, with no trespassing signs. There is a concrete ramp in the center of the pier. She climbed the fence to the right of that where there is a small gap between walkway and pier, that was covered by a bank of ice.”

The officers involved in the incident are also being nominated by Chief Ferrante.

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