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Hoboken Water Main Break + State of Emergency — What to Know

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Earlier this morning, a water main break occurred on Observer Highway and Madison Street in Hoboken after private construction workers hit the main — closing a portion of the roads. Now, a State of Emergency has been declared due to the main break, forcing schools and businesses to close. Read on for more about what’s going on.

As per the New Jersey Department of Health, all establishments, including all gyms, restaurants, bars, and hair and nail salons, without running water must close until water is restored.  All establishments with running water including supermarkets, pharmacies, and entities selling water can remain open.

The State of Emergency will remain in place until water is restored and the order is lifted by the Office of Emergency Management.

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According to the announcement released by the City of Hoboken, repairs are ongoing and expected to continue overnight. Residents should be prepared to have their service impacted overnight into early tomorrow morning.

All drivers are instructed to avoid downtown and enter and exit the city from northern routes.

Per the city of Hoboken, The Office of Emergency Management and Veolia was supposed to make drinking water available at seven locations starting at 4:30PM, but this has been delayed due to traffic. New time estimate is 6:00PM. Residents must bring their own containers to fill.

The water will be located at the following locations:

  • Hoboken University Medical Center, 308 Willow Ave.
  • 220 Adams St.
  • 221 Jackson St.
  • Fox Hills, 1301 Willow Ave.
  • Fourth and Harrison Streets
  • Columbian Towers, 76 Bloomfield St.
  • Stevens’ Wesley Howe Center, 1 Castlepoint Terrace.

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