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Hoboken Brings Testing to Senior Housing, Volunteers Needed for Senior Check-Ins + Deliveries

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As coronavirus sheltering in place keeps most of us voluntarily quarantined indoors, the need for volunteers is actually more demanding than ever. Whether you decide to donate time, resources, or blood, many non-profits and organizations are in need. Many have asked how to help our seniors — worrying about their safety in leaving the house, and infection with the virus in general — being that they’re a more vulnerable population to COVID-19. Just this past weekend, Hoboken announced that it is bringing testing to seniors in senior housing through Prompt MD. Below, we’re sharing a few ways to help — and more info on testing for seniors in Hoboken.

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“We are taking the proactive steps to test seniors in certain senior buildings for COVID-19, thanks to a partnership with Prompt MD, and the recommendation from the Hoboken Health Office,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

“Knowing that it can be difficult for seniors to travel across Hoboken to the uptown facility, with the potential for greater exposure, Dr. Javed Islam has offered to provide the necessary equipment to test seniors in one of the senior buildings this Wednesday.”

Mayor Bhalla also shared in his press release that if the senior’s insurance doesn’t cover it, the City will pay for it without charge to the senior.

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Many residents have been wondering how to further help seniors. We shared an article here about ways to help the elderly population in Hoboken and Jersey City back in March, but now, fortunately, there are even more organizations popping up looking for volunteers to help seniors.

Local leaders have also created a task force to help seniors in Hoboken — including a buddy system and other food delivery, per The Hudson Reporter.

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The task force includes Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, Freeholder Anthony Romano, Council members Ruben Ramos, Vanessa Falco and Tiffanie Fisher, HHA Commissioners David Mello, Erica Seitzman, and Andrew Impastato, as well as HoLa’s Nicole Cammarota, Toni Tomarazzo of the Hoboken Food Pantry, the Applied’s Joe Barry, and HHA Director Marc Recko.

The task force has already been able to source and distribute 2,000 individual hand sanitizer products, 600 disinfectant cleaning materials, 200 bars of soap, and 200 bottles of hand soap, according to Mag.

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Any senior who does not reside in a senior building but would like meals delivered to your home, please call the Hoboken Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) hotline at 201-420-5625.

And if you’d like to assist with senior outreach, contact Councilwoman Vanessa Falco at 201-523-4033.

Another organization looking for volunteers to help the elderly during the COVID-19 outbreak is Umbrella.

If you haven’t heard of Umbrella, the goal of the organization is to help adults 60 and older get the essentials they need. Volunteers sign up to go grocery {and essential} shopping for seniors, then delivers them to their house. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Umbrella’s drop-offs have transitioned to no-contact deliveries.

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According to their website, “At Umbrella, we build local communities of helpers {we call them ‘Neighbors’} that we match with seniors who need work done around the house — odd jobs, small repairs, chores, etc. — at an affordable rate.”

Of course, now in the time of coronavirus, odd jobs, small repairs, and chores have been paused. Instead, Umbrella’s main focus has shifted to getting senior citizens the essentials they need, whether that be food, supplies, and/or medicine.

Umbrella normally functions as a membership and relies on its national volunteer program to run. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring that adults 60+ across the country have access to the groceries, supplies, and medicine that they need in the form of contactless deliveries. This way, seniors can shelter in place at home, safely, without the worry of contracting the virus.

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Umbrella is in need of volunteers nationwide, so even if you’re reading this not in Hoboken or Jersey City, you can assist!

Here’s how it works:

In the Umbrella app, you’ll be able to see the Umbrella opportunities closest to you and pick which requests you take on. After you accept a request, the app will prompt you to call the recipient and coordinate a drop-off time.

Items should be left outside. You can ring the doorbell and call their phone when you arrive. Upload a photo of the receipt and a picture of the items sitting on their doorstep in the Umbrella app. That’s it!

Since you’ll be buying essentials for seniors, you might be wondering how the money aspect of it works. You’ll buy the items up front, then as soon as you complete the job, Umbrella reimburses you with a direct deposit to either your bank account, Venmo, or Paypal account.

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The New Jersey chapter of Umbrella is asking for volunteers who are not in a vulnerable age group, are healthy, have not recently been traveling and show no signs of illness in the past 14 days.

Umbrella is also asking that if you sign up to volunteer, then become sick, to stop taking requests in the Umbrella app.

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“We are counting on each other to be transparent and care for vulnerable members of the community,” their website says.

If you can’t volunteer for whatever reason you’re in a vulnerable age group, become unhealthy, or have shown signs of illness but still want to help, Umbrella is accepting contributions.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Umbrella has temporarily suspended membership fees and redirected 100 percent of operations to support COVID relief for seniors. That’s precisely why contributions are such a big help right now.

Their website says, “Contributions go towards defraying operating costs so we can continue to offer this service to seniors across the country in the most accessible way possible.”

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