Hoboken Soda Pop Club Debuts in the Mile Square

If you’re looking for a place to pass the time but also experience something new, this may be for you. A new club has recently opened up in town and it’s not your average club, in fact, it’s the Hoboken Soda Club located at 1012 Grand Street 3rd Floor within Play! Hoboken. “This club is intended for those with a spirit of adventure and appreciation for variety,” the website states.

hoboken soda pop club

According to the press release, Hoboken Soda Club offers a variety of craft sodas for members to enjoy. Members also get advanced notice and admission to soda tasting events.

In-store tasting events are offered, along with soda variety packs and single bottles for purchase. There is also the option to borrow board games from the store’s library for the perfect night of soda and fun for anyone.

Some of the unique flavors offered include Hank’s Caramel Apple, Avery’s Alien Snot Kiwi Blue Raspberry, Cookie Dough Bites Red Velvet, and more.

hoboken soda pop club

In-store tastings will take place every Thursday at Play! Hoboken for $9. This includes a taste of six unique craft sodas, as well as free access to games.

Additional options and prices can be found at www.hobokensodaclub.com. Craft soda “super-fans” can also sign up to receive weekly variety packs including six different sodas. Members sign up for a four-week commitment of great-tasting soda. This can also be combined with board game rental for soda club members. Soda pickups began on Tuesday, December 8th, but you can pick up your soda anytime.

You can find more information and sign up on the website, or visit the club’s Facebook and Instagram pages at @hobokensodaclub.

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