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Hoboken Smile Specialists Dental Office Reopening June 8th for All Routine + Emergency Needs

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Going to the dentist is always a bit stressful — from x-rays to the potential cavity {or worse}, most of us feel a bit of anxiety as our appointment approaches. And if you have little ones, trying to keep them calm during their visit might feel impossible. But seeing the dentist — whether for a routine appointment or a procedure — doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing experience. In fact, Hoboken Smile Specialists {located at 33-41 Newark in Hoboken} has made it a goal to ensure every patient has an easy and relaxed experience. Dr. Radhika Kapoor opened her practice almost four years ago and has expanded to work with patients of all ages, from infants to adults. Whether your family needs routine care, orthodontics, or an emergency visit, Hoboken Smile Specialists is re-opening on June 8th and has taken precautions to ensure patient and staff safety. Plus, Hoboken Girl readers can enjoy a special offer on Invisalign and a routine visit. Keep reading to learn about this woman-owned and operated dental practice and an exclusive deal for our readers: 

Exclusive Offer: Hoboken Girl readers can get $1500 off Invisalign, and patients without dental insurance can receive $150 routine dental visit for children under 18 years old {x-rays not included} through August 31, 2020. Call 201-683-7018 or email  info@hobokensmilespecialists.com to schedule your appointment and mention Hoboken Girl.

The Philosophy Behind the Practice

Hoboken Smile Specialists opened in October 2016 and started out with a sole focus on pediatric dentistry. After seeing successful growth thanks to dedicated patients, the business expanded into a multi-specialty practice that serves all patients of all ages, ranging from infants to adults.

Dr. Kapoor told us about her vision for the business, saying, “I have always envisioned myself being able to take care of patients the way I had wanted for myself and my family. Family and having a strong work ethic are at the very core of my upbringing. Being a minority female with no other dentists in the family, I took it upon myself to play the role of health care coordinator.”

And that vision has turned into a reality: the office provides high-quality care based on scientific and clinical evidence, but with a casual, fun, and relaxed vibe. “I felt it was important to integrate everything I loved — knowledge of holistic medicine, culture, and travel experiences — into the practice,” she told us. “The goal is to make dentistry become more likable and understandable to each patient that comes through the door.”

In addition to her local practice, she and her team regularly participate in community programs and outreach to help spread awareness and education. Each year, Hoboken Smile Specialists raise money and donations for organizations such as Hackensack’s Children’s Hospital,  Tomorrow Children’s Fund, Autism Speaks, as well as local organizations such as Wynona House and the Hoboken Public Education Fund. 

The topic of oral health education is one of Dr. Kapoor’s passions, having given many presentations at local schools and daycares in an effort to improve oral health education within the community.

“Empowering children with useful information about good oral hygiene and diet tips can help prevent cavities and other issues early on,” she shared.


The office is a multi-specialty boutique dentistry practice, so you can visit for pediatric, general dentistry, orthodontic, and aesthetic needs. Plus, the doctors are all board-certified specialists so they can easily collaborate on patient cases. One of the biggest successes that the team has seen is managing patients with nitrous oxide. They’ve experienced a 90% success rate treating children and adults with nitrous oxide analgesia and avoiding unnecessary operating room procedures. 

The full range of services include:

  • – Special health care needs
  • – Laser tongue and lip ties
  • – Pediatric dental services
  • – Adult dentistry, including routine appointments, restorative treatments, and aesthetics
  • – Orthodontic services
  • – Emergency appointments

Hoboken Smile Specialists has also incorporated the latest technologies in infection control and equipment to enhance patient care beyond traditional dental equipment. The office is now offering digital impressions with the new Itero 5D Element for treatments such as Invisalign and crowns as well as noninvasive cavity detection cameras, along with Light Scalpel CO2 lasers for tongue and lip tie releases. The office also features Surgically Clean Air Systems and the EcoLox Tech Room Fogger, which was put in place specifically in light of the current pandemic. Every single piece of equipment and material that goes in the patient’s mouth and the environment that the patient and staff move through is thoroughly researched to provide the best care.

“At the end of the day, we are being entrusted with [patient] care and that is something that I truly relish. Despite the rise in corporations over small mom and pop setups like myself, I stand by what I have created and am thrilled to continue to serve our patients,” said Dr. Kapoor, noting the strict adherence to CDC standards of care.

Dr. Radhika Kapoor and Her Team

Dr. Kapoor’s road to entrepreneurship started at Columbia University and the Children’s National Medical Center, where she specialized in treatments under general anesthesia, treatment of medically compromised and special needs children, and varied experiences in dental practices on the east and west coast. Her training and experience in special needs health care and CO2 laser dentistry combined with her in-house specialists in orthodontics and adult dentistry set Hoboken Smile Specialists apart from other dental practices. Dr. Kapoor is also a Hoboken resident with two young daughters, so her interest in children’s oral health is both professional and personal. 

Her practice focuses on collaborative care provided by team members in the fields of pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and adult dentistry. Dr. Kapoor has treated thousands of patients across multiple states, which has helped her knowledge of what constitutes a comprehensive team. ”Everyone in the office stays current with evolving medical and dental trends in academia, clinical skills, and technology, and also with treatment modalities — focusing on new, innovative, and less invasive approaches as they become available,” she explained about the growing practice.

Besides hiring professionals with strong backgrounds and experience, it was also important that they have good bedside manner to help set the practice apart, she notes. “I saw the pitfalls of poor communication and bedside manner by providers, lack of transparency in billing practices, and lack of attention to detail to creating a calming customer experience. From the receptionist that greets you to the assistants in our office, all of our patients know how important it is for them to be properly introduced to my dental practice team.”

Each doctor makes sure that patients are part of the decision-making process. The doctors focus on detail-oriented exams, not just quick ‘teeth checks’ — they evaluate hard and soft tissue and look for any systemic diseases that can manifest in the mouth. “Hoboken Smile Specialists aim to empower patients with the right tools and education to maintain excellent oral health as well as an understanding of its importance to overall health,” Dr. Kapoor commented.

Schedule an Appointment + Exclusive Offer

Hoboken Girl readers can get $1500 off Invisalign, and $150 routine dental visit for children under 18 years old {x-rays not included} through August 31st, 2020. Just mention Hoboken Girl when scheduling your appointment. 

The office is located at 33-41 Newark Street, Suite 2A in Hoboken, right next to the PATH, and is re-opening on June 8th. Call 201-683-7018 or email  info@hobokensmilespecialists.com schedule your appointment. 

This post is sponsored by Hoboken Smile Specialists.



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