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Construction on the Resiliency Park at 800 Monroe Street Will Restrict Parking

by Sarah Boyle
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Hoboken is getting a new resiliency park, which will be located at 800 Monroe Street. This will be the City’s fourth resiliency park. In order to prepare the space to begin building the park, construction is needed to destroy the former groundwater treatment infrastructure on the site and then install a clean stone cap as an engineering control, which helps to protect the workers. This construction, which began on August 15th, is expected to run through mid-September and will temporarily restrict parking during the work day (8AM to 6PM) in this period. Locals have been notified via an email from Reliance Property Management Group (on behalf of Metro Stop Condominium Association, Inc.) that parking between 9th Street and the site entrance on both sides of Monroe Street will be restricted due to the construction. Read on for what we know. 

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About the Project

In mid-December of 2021, the City announced its intention to build a new resiliency park at 800 Monroe in Hoboken. The City had gained the land earlier in 2021 in a three-way land swap agreement with the Applied Parties.

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“The 1.43-acre property is envisioned as a world-class resiliency park and community space that will be integral to the neighborhood, mitigate rainfall flooding in western Hoboken, and connect the Green Circuit as detailed in the City’s Master Plan,” the announcement read.

Hoboken’s first resiliency park, Southwest Resiliency Park, was opened in 2017 and can hold about 200,000 gallons of stormwater. Southwest Park is also going to be expanded, and this 1-acre expansion will be able to hold 600,000 gallons of stormwater. Northwest Resiliency Park is currently under construction and its 6-acre property is expected to hold 1 million gallons of stormwater. The new resiliency park at Monroe Street will be the City’s fourth of its kind.

The idea behind these resiliency parks to help create infrastructure that can withstand heavy flooding, as rainfall is expected to continue to increase — as are water levels — due to climate change. Since Hoboken is already prone to flooding, the creation of these parks is an effort to minimize the expected worsening weather. Hoboken also recently announced that it would be installing flood barricades as an additional way to prevent flooding.

The City will soon be asking for community input from residents about what types of amenities should be included in this newest park.

Before the park can be created, construction is needed to prepare the area. This is expected to take about a month, ending in mid-September.

Parking Disruptions + What to Expect

In an email from Reliance Property Management Group, locals were advised that on-street parking between 9th Street and the site entrance on both sides of Monroe Street would be restricted from now until mid-September on weekdays during work hours (8AM to 6PM).

“The demolition portion of the work will include the removal of the asphalt and concrete former treatment zone caps, subsurface piping, and remnant walls and site debris,” the announcement reads. “All demolished materials would be trucked offsite and disposed at approved locations. Then the site will be graded as preparation for the stone cap.”

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Due to the heavy equipment needed for this work, there will be some noise — though it will only occur on weekdays during work hours to adhere with Hoboken’s Noise Control Ordinance. Workers will also keep all surfaces damp in order to minimize dust emissions.

Further, for those worried about increased rodent activity due to this construction — the team will be utilizing rodent baiting to help minimize rodents.

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