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Generous Hoboken Resident Buys 50 Sandwiches from Spa Diner to Donate to Shelter

by Morgan Gertler
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The Hoboken community has been known to come together in times of need to support our neighbors and businesses. Now more than ever it’s important that we all stick together to keep our town thriving during this time of constant change. Everyone is waiting to get back to their favorite businesses in person, but in the meantime, they are still showing continued support however possible. One local resident has seriously above and beyond by donating  50 sandwiches from the Spa Diner to a local shelter — and planning to do it on a weekly basis, according to the owners.

A regular customer of the Spa Diner, Nathan Turoff, purchased 50 ham + cheese sandwiches and donated them to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter this past week— an act of kindness helping a local business as well as many people in need. The Spa Diner gave Turoff a big shoutout on its Facebook page, thanking him for this generous act during a time that so many are in need. Turoff has told the diner to plans to do this weekly.

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Hoboken Girl spoke with Denise Moylan, manager at the Spa Diner, and she told us that even though the business is going through the struggles of staying open {like many local businesses} they haven’t let any employees go. “We are struggling but we want to make sure our employees and their families are ok,” she told us.

This isn’t the first time a neighbor or business has helped our community during these challenging times. In fact, Mario’s Pizza is giving out free meals to senior citizens + veterans, Hoboken residents came together to help those in need at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter, and a loyal Bin 14 Wine Bar customer offered a generous tip to her server the night the bar announced it was closing, saying “I come here all the time and I’m sad that you are going through this,” — without even dining there. These are just some of the feel-good stories happening in our community, and you can read more of them here.

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The Spa Diner is one of many local restaurants that is offering take-out and delivery options so that they can continue feeding locals and stay open, in lieu of the news that many businesses have been forced to shut down due to extreme social distancing orders. The Spa Diner,  however, is open 24/7, making them available to hungry neighbors any time of day or night. They’ve even created a Family Meal {that feeds a family of 4} for $40, consisting of a chicken dish served with a choice of french fries, rice, or spaghetti, a salad, and dessert.

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The Spa Diner is located right next to the PATH {a perfect spot when you want a snack before heading home for the night, once social distancing is less important}. Though their signage outside boasts that they have the “worst breakfast 1 guy on Yelp! ever had,” we beg to differ. Whether you want breakfast staples, chicken parm, meatloaf, a gyro, or are craving a late-night dessert, the Spa Diner has something for everyone, at any hour of the day.

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We should all take a page from Spa Diner’s book since our community needs our help now more than ever. There are tons of ways to help our first responders, both locally + beyond, if you’re looking to show support. First responders are working around the clock and putting themselves on the front lines to ensure public safety and health. You can donate gift cards, food, and money to keep them fed + safe. You can also help donate masks and other items to hospitals in need via Go Fund Me. There are also ways to help support local businesses that have closed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

To do our part to help small business owners, we are doing Instagram stories shoutouts for free – as well as creating guides to help locals access the businesses they need.  On stories, we will post a minimum of ten businesses daily.

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