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Hoboken Ranked 2nd “Brainiest” Town in New Jersey

by Jennifer Tripucka
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We iz smart — who knew? About 1.4 million New Jersey residents over 25 have a Bachelor’s degree, and of course there are some towns with a very high percentage of college graduates and some that have much lower percentages, showing the disparity across town/city lines. But when it comes to rankings for cities and towns with the highest level of education among its residents, apparently Hoboken has the second highest percentage of residents with a Bachelor’s degree or higher of any city or town across NJ. Pretty impressive!



According to a recent article by NJ.com and recently published Census data, 50.3% of Hoboken residents have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, with the only town beating the Mile Square being Ho-ho-kus at 50.9% {that’s pretty darn close — and hey, at least our names are similar so you could easily get confused!}. This all makes a lot of sense, considering we live in a city of commuting young professionals and families, and there’s a college in our town {aka if you don’t have a degree you’re possibly on your way to getting one, with many Stevens students staying in town long after graduation}. But as far as Hudson County goes, we’re the only rank out of the top 10, even beating out neighboring Edgewater which was ranked 4th place with 42.9% of residents being college-educated or higher.



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Here’s the full list of the “brainiest” towns in New Jersey:

  1. Ho-ho-kus [50.9%]
  2. Hoboken [50.3%]
  3. Upper Saddle River [43.4%]
  4. Edgewater [42.9%]
  5. Fair Haven [42.8% tie]
  6. Rumson [42.8% tie]
  7. Franklin Lakes [42.4%]
  8. Woodcliff Lake [42.3%]
  9. Shrewsbury [41.5%]
  10. Chatham [41%]

In the past 10 years, New Jersey has increased in its residents’ overall education — but the increase is fairly small. According to NJ.com, the percent of residents 25+ with at least some college education has increased 4% between the 2006-2010 and 2011-2015 snapshots from the Census data.

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Not sure what all this will mean for our little Mile Square in the scheme of things, but hey — we’ll take it!

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