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Word on the {Washington} Street: NEW Ice Skating Rink Coming; So Gong Dong Fresh Opens; 800 Monroe Situation; and More Hoboken News

by Tamara
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Can someone please explain how the first weekend of November is already here? Honestly though, can’t complain because the weather has been FALL-tastic {sorry, punny}. No matter how you slice it, Christmas trees and jamming out to holiday tunes = coming soon. While you’re enjoying the start of holiday [Thanksgiving first!] happenings, we’re keeping you honest with all the latest news in town — so you can be all caught up. Read below for the Word on the {Washington} Street — your one-stop-shop for everything news in Hoboken. 

An Ice Skating Rink is Coming to Hoboken in December!


If you follow HG on Facebook then you already know — an ice skating rink is coming to Hoboken {NoHo to be exact [that’s North Hoboken for all those who aren’t hip to the lingo yet]}! WOOOOP WOOOOP! The mayor has confirmed it, and as previously reported by Hoboken Inc, it’s happening in mid December and until February 28, 2017 {so about 2+ months}. Located between Grand and Adams’ streets, the rink and winter village will be open daily — operating from 9:00am to 10:00pm which will be fun for kids + adults alike. Add this to the list of fun stuff happening in NoHo: Trader Joe’s, West Elm, and now ice skating. We’ll share more details when we have them, but for now, you better be practicing your triple axles.

Feed a Shelter Pet: Join the 40,000 Pound Challenge


This Thanksgiving, in addition to devouring a turkey feast, help some furry friends fill their tummies. The Liberty Human Society is putting on the 40,000 Pound Challenge and needs your help. Simply ship food directly to LHS, donate money to the cause, or even host your own fundraiser to feed all the homeless cats and dogs this holiday season.

So Gong Dong Fresh Opens Downtown in Place of Fresh U


Get the best of both worlds {literally} at this American-Asian fusion food spot, located at 70 Hudson Street. Let your taste buds experience uncharted territory with high-quality plates that’ll surprise you. With Fusion Bowls, burritos, wraps and Bibims {Korean mix bowls}, we dare you to NOT crave all the plates from here.

Brazilian Street Artist Dedicates Massive David Bowie Mural in Jersey City



On November 4th, world-renowned street artist Eduardo Kobra, along with Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, dedicated his 180-foot mural of music icon David Bowie in Jersey City. This mural is the latest addition to the city’s mural arts program. LOVING it. Have you been there yet?

Hoboken & Shipyard Reach Proposed Settlement Regarding Monarch Project & 800 Monroe

Hudson River Waterfront - lifewithluggage


After a five-year dispute, the city of Hoboken and Shipyard Associates have reached a proposed settlement surrounding two residential building projects. According to the settlement, residential and commercial properties will not be allowed to be built on Hoboken’s North Waterfront and Shipyard will pay $500,000 to the city to clean up the waterfront. As for 800 Monroe, the settlement discussed the new redevelopment plan, which ensures that the buildings renovation doesn’t contribute to rising density levels.

There are also many neighbors in the 800 Monroe vicinity of West Hoboken that are very unhappy. They have created a petition against the building of this complex in hopes to slow down or cease the process. Council members will be voting this 11/14 to determine if the 13-story building will be built on the plot of land known as 800 Monroe — which seems to be inevitable.

Just to share the “on-the-record” notes about the situation, according to the Mayor’s office, they released a statement stating:

There is already a preexisting redevelopment plan (the Northwest Redevelopment Plan) for 186 units and up to 14 floors of development at 800 Monroe. This redevelopment plan, which was approved by Mayor Russo in 1998, is the plan under which Metro Stop and several other buildings were constructed, and it is not possible to simply disregard the remaining elements of that plan.

Through the redevelopment process, which would begin if the settlement is approved, it will be possible to work with the community to reduce the impact on the existing neighborhood. (For example, to preserve as much of the rooftop views as possible through a well-designed layout of the buildings on the site).

Unfortunately, however, due to the preexisting redevelopment plan, it is not possible to say that there will be no development at 800 Monroe. Also given the existing redevelopment plan, the acquisition cost to purchase this and build a park would be astronomical. Residents should understand that whether we fight on with this litigation or not, a development on the scale of 186 units will be built at that site based on the existing approved plan.

The outcome of this litigation if we continue to pursue it is uncertain. If we lose, we block our community’s waterfront. We still have 186 units and up to 14 floors of development at 800 Monroe, and we will have spent about $2 million in litigation costs with nothing but development to show for it.
A litigation settlement negotiation cannot be conducted as a public process. However, because of the importance of this settlement to Hoboken residents, we took the highly unusual step of publicly releasing the proposed agreement so the public will be fully informed and have an opportunity to have your views fully considered as the City Council makes its decision. It is also important for residents to know that the settlement is the first step. If this settlement is approved, a redevelopment agreement with more details about the design and layout of the buildings would have to be introduced to the City Council, reviewed by the Planning Board, and then return to the City Council for a public hearing. The public will have a chance to ask questions and provide input through every step of this process.

If the settlement is not approved, then the City will proceed with the litigation in court in December. However, given the significant risks we face, I believe the agreement is in the best interests of the City and therefore I am asking the City Council and our community to consider it.

In short speak — the building appears inevitable, but the means and design of the building is up for grabs. So make sure to make your voice heard if you are a West Hoboken resident!

Von Hof Cycles Launches US Made, Women-Specific Road Frame



Hoboken-based bicycle company, Von Hof Cycles, recently released woman’s-specific road frame called the DIA, which features Columbus Spirit tubing and retails for $1950. The new frame come in multiple sizes to accommodate all women’s sizes and are assembled right here at the Monroe Center, where you can take one for a spin. Check out all the bikes November 5th and 6th at the Philly Bike Expo. For more information, visit the store’s website here.

Grand Opening: Little Children’s Book Annex


Little City Children’s Book Annex  officially opened its second location on November 5th. There will be plenty to do here including events such as story time and dog therapy visits for the kiddies {so adorable, we can’t even}. From chapter books and board books to puzzles and blocks, the learning and fun just continues down the block.

That’s the news roundup this week — have a tip? Email hello@hobokengirl.com and we’ll try to include!

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