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Hoboken Health: 5 Benefits of Journaling {Your Thoughts, Feelings, Etc}

by Laurel
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It’s often the most simple activities that give us the greatest joys. From taking walks in nature to preparing a simple meal, doing things that allow us the freedom to get out of our monkey minds provide powerful healing opportunities. Healing can come in many forms, one of my favorites is the power of journaling.


Journaling is not only cathartic and healing — it’s cheap! All you need is a notebook or a note pad and something to write with. The hardest part for many is starting. As a basic rule, try to journal for 10 minutes a day in the morning as well as 10 minutes before bed. Keep the pen moving — even if it means writing the same word over and over again. It seems so simple, but the effects run deep. While we journal, we are accessing all sorts of thoughts and feelings that we may not be aware of — even for those of us who write often. The benefits of journaling are endless so we’ve narrowed down top five. Here they are:

1. Journaling awakens your inner voice
Journaling is a different kind of communication. It’s a secret language between the writer and the page. By writing down whatever comes up you’re naturally peeling away layers that may have been buried for years. Your inner voice is who you truly are and letting it come out onto paper validates the power of your inner voice.

2. No rules. No grammar. No edits.
Journaling is messy and gratifying. You aren’t submitting your deepest thoughts to anyone but yourself and you don’t need to censor. Write whatever your heart wants and curse as often as you need to if that’s your thing. Your journal is a vessel that holds all your truth and wisdom so leave all your worries for another time, this is your moment of freedom and transparency.

3. Increased memory of events.
Writing down 5 things you’re grateful for each day, and you’ll find that your memory recall has increased tenfold. In those sacred moments, we transcend back in time using our five senses to revisit the small memories that make up our lives. Even if what you’re writing is painful, the process of accessing those thoughts and feelings gives your brain permission to begin processing — and eventually move on. You might find that you remember more than you thought — deepening your journaling experience.

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4. Fostering self-starting qualities and supplies its own never ending energy.
Writing is a transformative and an energetic entity of its own. If you struggle with mental health issues or any type of block in your life — journaling is a great way to break down the walls that hold you back, just give it a try! There is boundless energy in our thoughts and they continue to evolve and come to life when we write them. The act of journaling gives hope and purpose, and we all need that to feel fulfilled and alive.

5. It reduces mental clutter.
If you spend each day on auto-pilot, chances are you are not allowing yourself to reflect on your choices and the things that happen to you. Journaling allows you to pause and reflect, synthesize, and reorganize your mind. It’s kind of like cleaning out a messy closet. By taking the time to sort through each piece or thought you’re allowing yourself to feel — what works and what doesn’t work — you can plan your next right action. Reducing mental clutter gives you freedom to make better choices for yourself, and ultimately, it allows you to be fully present in your life.

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 A few great spots to get journals in Hoboken:

Washington General Store

Hudson Paperie

Little City Books

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a pen and get started 🙂



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