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Hoboken Girl’s {Single Ladies} Guide to Valentine’s Day in Hoboken

by Megan
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This one’s for all our Hoboken single ladies! To the girls who think they need a man to celebrate this ‘holiday’ {pfffff!} we’re here to tell you otherwise! You’ll have your chance to celebrate as a couple some other time but for now, CELEBRATE YOU! That’s right–YOU.

Here’s how:



1. Treat Yo’Self.

Is there ever a day when this isn’t acceptable? From massages to blow outs to manicures—there are salons & spas to accommodate all your wants & needs right in town. Go ahead and make that appointment! Some of our recommendations:

Salon Gatto22 Hudson Place

Vepo Clean
JK Therapy


Salon Gatto has extended their hours & is offering $35 blow outs and $65 makeup applications February 13th & 14th! Call 201-683-6700 to book your appointments now! 

Zap Fitness

Dina’s Kiss & Makeup57 Newark Street


Dina’s Kiss & Makeup has a variety of offers for your Valentine’s Day needs including—$15 blowouts with Francine, $35 off Keratin Treatments with Brittany & FREE lip gloss and mascara with any full makeover!! Call 201-706-8611 to book your appointments now!

EC Beauty44 Hudson Place

ec beauty studio

EC Beauty has a variety of deals for Valentines Day including—a rose hydrating facial & deep tissue body massage for $220, brazilian & eyebrow wax for $60, and teeth whitening for $150! Call 201-919-0522 to book your appointments now!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

For a mani/pediread our nail guru’s recent visits to salons around town!


Modern Nails | The Nail Story II | Tutti Nails

Show Nail Spa | Zeni Salon | The Nail Bar

2. Brunch with the gals.


There is NO SHAME in indulging in some sweets {or just a ton of food!}, especially on this day! Grab some girlfriends & go to one of many brunch spots in Hoboken. Some of our recommendations are:

Anthony David’s953 Bloomfield Street


Anthony David’s always has a variety of options for brunchincluding omelettes, salads & sandwiches! Don’t forget to bring your own bottle of champagne for mimosas!

Del Frisco’s Grille221 River Street


Del Frisco’s has some awesome VDay treats—including “Cupid’s Cocktail” (stoli razberi, pomegranate juice, orange juice), a triple chocolate decadence dessert, and red velvet belgian waffles {yummmm!} on Saturday, February 13th and Sunday, February 14th {11AM-3PM}.

Bin 141314 Washington Street


Bin 14 has just launched a brand new brunch menuincluding a spicy jalapeno margarita, a bacon bloody mary, smoked salmon benedict, belgian waffles & many more!

Elysian Cafe1001 Washington Street

Elysian-Cafe hoboken

You can’t think about brunch in Hoboken without thinking of this little gem! 

bwe’ kafe140 River Drive South Jersey City


Just in the mood for some coffee? From February 12th-February 14th, bwe’ kafe is offering a special Valentine’s day espresso {“the cupid”} to celebrate the grand opening of their new location! We’re told it has sprinkles & Ghirardelli chocolate in it—woahhhhh! I love meeting up with my friends & hanging out in bwe’s lovely space while enjoying a delcious latte {and pastry of some sort}. It’s also a fabulous place to relax & get some work or reading done!!

{ Read all about bwe’s Jersey City location here! }

3. Visit an animal shelter! 


Direct your feelings of love towards the many animals that need it & visit a local shelter! Volunteer for the day or at the very least, stop by. Who knows…maybe you’ll fall in love & bring a sweet pup or cat home with you. Liberty Humane Society {located in Jersey City} is offering FREE adoptions until February 15th! 

4. Give your wardrobe the update that it probably needs & go shopping. 



There are so many amazing shops in our humble town including Mint Market, Town House, Aaraa Accessories, Alba, Dear Hannah, & many, many more!   If you can’t find anything there, ladies, we live right outside of NEW YORK CITYya know, arguably the most desirable shopping destination in the country. 

Check out our ‘Winter Style Guide’ }

5. Plan your next getaway.


Image via @megelizabethneil

Though I adore Hoboken, I love a weekend getaway even more. Plan that trip to see your best friend or plan one that you’ll both go on. I recently used ‘Groupon Getaways‘ and had a fabulous experience!!

6. Go dancing! 



This one’s self explanatorywho doesn’t have a good time on the dance floor?! GNO, for sure. 

7. Horror Movie Marathon {Or sappy romance movies…your call}


There are some really, really bad romance movies out there that may make you laugh at the thought of love…at least for now. And if they don’t do the trick, some blood & gore are sure to take your mind off anything romantic.

8. Take a fitness class.


There’s nothing better than working out to get your mind off something & feel GOOD about yourself while doing so. I’m thinking either a yoga class to RELAX or perhaps a boxing class to beat the s*** out of something? Whichever you prefer! Click here for some of our fave fitness reviews.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, remember you are not a leper…you are a GODDESS and should treat yourself as such until the right one comes along! All our love xo




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