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Hoboken Girl’s Mani Monday: Zeni Salon’s Fresh Start to Nail Art

by Melissa
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Alright alright, none of that “new year, new me” kind of stuff, but I will take a fresh mani for a fresh start…and some nail art.

Hope you all had a fun, hearty and relaxing holiday break filled with family, friends, and loved ones. Now that we are back, work has resumed, classes are in full effect, and the gym is the last place you want to be {even though everyone is there}, so might we suggest a fun manicure to kick off a year of expanding your comfort zones?

You read in my last post that I am a minimalist when it comes to nail art, but that doesn’t stop Juni at Zeni Salon perfecting my request.

Customer Service.

I had heard mixed reviews about Zeni for a while now and have been eager to try them out. Specifically, the feedback about Juni’s nail art talents is what initially drew me in, so I knew I had to come prepared with a design.


I arrived early, hoping to snag a few pics and explore the salon before my appointment. The women working there were very friendly and focused on their clients. I had been seated after only a few minutes of waiting and was excited to get started!

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Juni was very welcoming to me and to the design I had presented to her. We had tested about five neutral tones before landing the perfect match, and I appreciated her patience and willingness to assist in the process. Sometimes manicure ladies are not that patient.


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Set Up.

The salon is not huge {5 pedicure chairs and 6 manicure stations, tops}, so I can’t imagine being there when they are slammed, but it is kept tidy. Located on the corner of 14th and Hudson, this is a GREAT people watching spot. I couldn’t help but think about all the #dadbods that run by during the summer. The large open windows {minus the construction across the street}, makes for a bright and uplifting experience.


Polish Selection.

Zeni carries a wide variety of regular OPI and Essie polish – even though they don’t have as many brands, I was impressed with how many colors there were to choose from. As for gel they carry OPI, Essie, Shellac and Gelish. Not an overload of colors, but just enough.

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So, if I had to give one downfall to this uptown spot it would be that their gel manicures across the board are $40 {which I didn’t realize until after}. Most gel manicures in Hoboken aren’t more than $32. Their regular manicures are $12. For this particular design, it cost $8 extra {$2 per nail, four nails total = not bad}. If I had to do it over again, I would’ve just done a regular manicure, for the sole purpose of cost and time.

This took a solid hour to do – but I had the time, and appreciated Juni’s attention to detail. She truly is an artist in every sense of the word! I wanted to do something different with gel this time for all of the gel heads out there, so let me know what you think.


^Pictured here, ‘Field Fox’ by Shellac (#107 at Zeni) as the base; standard black/white for geometric flare!

If you are looking to try something new this year, I suggest paying Juni a visit. Bring a photo of what you want to do and some polish colors in mind. She will help execute your idea flawlessly. I will definitely be back in the summer pre Pier 13 afternoons!


Emoji Score: MEH{just based on price and length of time – but Juni is a master at her nail art craft and is the sweetest!}


Have a Hoboken salon experience and lived to tell the nail tale?

Post your mani with the hashtag #HGManiMonday on IG and share your experience with us {tag @hobokengirlblog}.

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