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Hoboken Girl’s Mani Monday: A Visit to Modern Nails

by Melissa
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Hoboken may only be one square mile, but we sure do have our fair share of nail salons. Whether you reside uptown, downtown or right in the middle of this big-city-small-town, the options for nails are endless! That’s why it’s important to know your stuff. Lucky for you, our new series, Mani Mondays, will have you ready to navigate the ever-Essie and Opi wild world of manicures and pedicures. Our Mani Monday Maven, Melissa, is kicking off her series with one of her go-to nail spots: Modern Nails. Without further ado, here she is:

I’ve been lucky enough to live in Hoboken for the past four years and no matter where I’ve moved within town, I’ve remained loyal to Modern Nails, located at 728 Washington Street. I can count on one of my manicured hands, how many other salons I’ve tried and never leave as satisfied as I do when I hit Modern.

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There are some Hoboken girls that may disagree with me on this one, but here is why I insist on a Modern Nails mani / pedi any day:

Customer Service.

When you walk in, you are greeted by Ken, his lovely wife Julie and Sun {sometimes Erin on weekends}.  Now, I am no amateur to the mani/pedi world, and ALWAYS make an appointment before waltzing on in during rush hour. But I do realize that there are some consumers that may have had a change of plans; their BFF cancelled on their pumpkin spice latte date thus, decided to #treatthemselves and be considered [gasp] a walk-in. No matter your situation, Ken always tries to accommodate you within a reasonable and honest timeframe.  The customer service and work ethic is stellar and never goes unnoticed.

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The manicurists are also all very friendly, efficient and good at what they do, which is reassuring. You’re guaranteed to walk out with killer looking nails and an elevated spirit; which is really what life is all about anyway #priorities.

Polish Brands & Selection.

No matter the changing of seasons, holidays or moments in pop culture, they will always have the most recent polish collections and the best selection of colors. From #basic polish, to Vinylux and OPI shine to gel, Modern never lets me down. Not only do they have the latest and greatest, they have the treasured throwbacks. Who doesn’t love a good Ballet Slipper once in awhile?

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^Polish for daysssss.


Whether new or old, their polish never appears to have been sitting on the shelf for the past two years; you know exactly what I’m referring to. The formula seems to have segregated itself, there is a clear film resting above the pigment and its worst of all, crusty. If I ever walk into a nail salon that exhibits such disgrace, I walk right out. It is the first sign that displays they may not be as sanitary as you’d prefer. You’ll never see this at Modern. Their presentation is perfection, and I appreciate it with every single visit.


As a People magazine alum, I am always seeking out a good read during my pedicure. Sure enough, I always revert back to my roots and snag a copy of People upon arrival. Modern always has the current issues in stock along with a few other fan faves; Cosmopolitan, Allure, Vogue, and best of all…People Stylewatch {insert emoji eyes}. Even if you aren’t a magazine buff, it is still nice to have options during your down time.

And as if you require further proof of being the best -of -the -best in Hoboken, don’t forget that even Kim K was once a ‘Modern’ girl.  That’s right. Many moons ago {pre-Yeezus}, Kim K graced Hoboken with her contouring presence during her 72-day marriage to NBA Nets player Kris Humphries {rumored to have lived in the Tea building}.  No one, not even I,  can knock the Kardashian beauty #hustle.


Modern’s pricing correlates with the going rate of a Hoboken mani/pedi – it is pretty standard. In my opinion, I do think you get a little more ‘bang for your buck’ with the hot stones in their regular pedicure and a mild shoulder massage after a gel manicure.

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So there you have it, my not-so-secret-weapon for an instant lift in #mood and appearance. Whether you’re prepping for your next Tinder date, going to your sixth bridal shower of the year, or in need of a relaxing introvert kind of day, Modern Nails is here for you Hoboken.

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^Pictured: ‘Kiss the Bride’ by Orly [gel] the perfect pink/nude. 

Mani Monday Emoji Score: LOVE

Have a Hoboken salon experience and lived to tell the nail tale?

Post your mani with the hashtag #HGmanimonday on IG and share your experience with us {tag @hobokengirlblog}.

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