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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Dusty Weideman {Of Massage by Dusty}

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Whether it was at a wedding or a local event, you might have come across Dusty of Massage by Dusty {located in Hoboken}, who brings her magic hands wherever she is requested. Dusty Weideman is a 17-year Hoboken resident who is talented, bubbly, and an expert in helping people relax as a massage therapist — which is why she’s our Hoboken Girl of the Week. Read on to learn more about her, her business, goals, passions, local favorites, and more:

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I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of Massage by Dusty in Hoboken. I’m a graduate of Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy. My certifications are in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, myofascial, trigger point, table, chair and hand massages. I also offer other wonderful care for Prenatal, Oncology, children, and dog massage therapy.

My passion is to be the conduit between my client and the union of mind, body and spirit. I am focused on helping my clients restore balance in their lives — whether my clients are looking to relax, relieve stress, sleep better, ease depression, reduce muscle soreness, increase circulation, recover from injury or just improve overall wellness, massage is beneficial for a myriad of ailments. I believe body maintenance and self care are crucial to health and wellness and I love that my clients are happy when they see me and leave feeling rejuvenated! I love what I do and I think it shows.

Massage By Dusty is Celebrating 4 years in October 2018. I have an awesome cozy studio, I do house calls + business calls, and a variety of fun events such as girls nights, parties, gyms, teacher appreciation, weddings, business incentives, staycations etc. and work around Hoboken and Jersey City. You name the event, and Massage by Dusty is always a good addition!

On What Motivates Her:

Love — everything I do comes from a place of love. I’m motivated by it and I live by it. I’m emotional yet practical and energy is a big time thing in my life so being in this field I know when to utilize it and went to pull back. Health and wellness keep me motivated for myself and for others and it needs to start with me in order to transfer that energy during client treatments. Having a thyroid disease and being out of shape and over weight inspired me to made a big turn around. I won third place in a nutrition challenge and I am carrying that onwards by staying consistent in fitness and my health. My two major motivators and my two great guys — my amazing boyfriend and wonderful stepson.

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massage by dusty hoboken girl of week

Her Goals and Passions

My goal is to keep doing what I love, which is helping others, as well as continue to build up my practice. I would also like to gain more knowledge and add more modalities and skills to my tool belt, use my voice more (I’ve always loved to sing), and keeping my fitness and nutrition game tight. My list is already long but keeps on filling up — looking forward to it all!

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A Day in the Life

I’m lucky enough to get served coffee in bed, then I get the boy off to school, the man off to work, and then it’s meditation time. Next, I’m off to Hudson River Fitness for an awesome workout with my crew. My day can vary from early clients to late clients, but I love the consistency and structure of my mornings and the flexibility in my client scheduling. Whether its in studio, house call, or an event, it’s always different. At night, I love to be with my family — grilling, cooking, playing board games and cards, and just being together.

massage by dusty hoboken girl of week

On the Highs + Lows

Trying to always keep yourself current and relevant and make you stand out from the rest is always something I’m striving to do. It’s not a low, but to be honest, there really aren’t a lot of lows in my job. We all want to be highlighted for our hard work. There are endless highs & rewards with my job!

Highlight of Her Career {So Far}

Working on cancer clients and dogs as well as helping people realize that massage isn’t a luxury body maintenance and self care should be a priority. Making a big difference in people’s lives and health is a huge highlight for me in my job — it’s super rewarding and it gives me great joy to help others.

Advice to Others Pursing the Same Career Path:

Don’t discount anyone’s advice and listen to all resources. Make your own clear personal choices, stick with them and surround yourself with like-minded people (but always follow your own heart and do it your way — I did!).

I was told “don’t do this”, “don’t do that”, and I did the opposite. I did what felt instinctually and intuitively right for me. Being on my own since I was 15, I have always made decisions on my own and learn from them. Not having any guidance has made me resourceful and caused me to have inner strength and ambition. Always pick yourself up and keep on going even after plenty of mistakes it’s always and only you who can make it happen.

massage by dusty hoboken girl of week

Hoboken + Jersey City Favorites:

Favorite restaurants:

The Cuban, Court Street, Del Friscos, and Marios for a slice of pizza

Favorite boutiques:

Mint Market, Athleta, Townhouse   

Favorite thing about Hoboken:

I love Hoboken and the accessibility is such a bonus. You have everything you need, from restaurants to parks to festivals, and I’m thankful to have my small business flourish throughout the years here. I love walking down the street and chatting with the people I know. Hoboken is a great community and I loved being involved in so many great things in my town. As a family, we volunteer at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter once a month for our famous meatloaf night. We feel that it’s a nice way to give back to the community. We cook and serve 40 pounds of meat loaf plus side dishes and it’s a big hit with a guests. We have such a fortunate life it’s good to do this for others who need it.

Favorite part about Hudson County:

I love being on the pier. The view never gets old. I also love walking the waterfront and being at Liberty State Park roller skating while the guys skateboard.

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Favorite outdoor activity:

Hanging out outside at Pier 13 or grilling in my lovely backyard/garden.

Favorite local workout:

Hudson River Fitness with my 915 crew — great workouts and great people!

What she thinks Hoboken needs:

Would love to see a pool, bowling alley, and more restaurants with diversity. Love that things like Gravity Vault came to town. Anything fun & active would be a great addition.

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