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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Erin Cavanaugh of See Rose Go

by Briana
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When it comes to fashion, there is an abundance of lines for all clothing tastes and styles. But when it comes to plus-sized attire, it can be harder to find stylish clothing that is tailored to specific body types. Our Hoboken Girl of the Week used her knowledge and experience in the fashion industry to solve this exact problem; meet Erin Cavanaugh, of See Rose Go, who is completely changing the game when it comes to how women view plus-sized clothing. This Hoboken mama created her very own chic plus-sized clothing line and is inspiring women all around the country to love their shape and feel beautiful. Read on to learn about her company, her goals, inspirations, some of her local favorites, and even some exciting news about her company {exclusive to HG!}:

see rose go plus size fashion hoboken

About See Rose Go:

My partner and I launched a new plus size fashion line, See Rose Go, on August 1, 2017. Over a year in planning, design and production, the line focuses on effortless style and crafted quality. Together, we have collective experience of over 30 years in the fashion industry, which we can use to make a real difference within a market that currently lacks quality design options. Our mission is to create a totally new space in the plus size clothing market.

On What Inspires Her:

Our customers inspire me — everything we do centers on her! We spoke with so many women about their plus size clothing and experiences. Modern women today have several goals, ambitions and to-dos — whether she’s building a brand, wants to travel, run a marathon, meet friends at a new cafe or practice self love. She’s a woman doing things and needs quality effortless clothing to keep up with her daily schedule. Each woman we spoke with brought up similar themes of wanting better quality, considered fit and versatile style. We built our brand ethos based around these themes: Motivated by, and as a response to, a need for QUALITY, FIT and STYLE within women’s plus-size apparel.

About Her Goals and Passions:

My goals can be summed up in a few points: take See Rose Go to the next level and have fun while doing it; spend time next summer in Algarve, Portugal; and, as always, try to practice a work-life balance making sure my family is the priority.

see rose go plus size fashion

Erin and her partner, Yi — founders of See Rose Go

A Typical Day in the Life:

Each day depends on what is going on with the company and also what is going on in our family life. One of the goals in starting this business is to create a lifestyle where I dictate the when and where of my schedule. I usually have started the day with already coordinating with my husband. He works remotely as well, so we plan who is picking up, dropping off and who is trying to contain our two-year old. I usually wake up and spend a few minutes checking email and the social platforms I manage for See Rose Go. Then the kids are up, getting ready for school and making lunches if we didn’t do it the night before (which we most likely did not!). After they are dropped off, I might head into the city for meetings with my partner to review fabrics, meet with influencers or potential investors for the company. I try to accomplish as much as I can before 2:30 and spend the afternoon with the kids. After bed time it’s back to the laptop to finish whatever I need to cross off my list.

Highlight of Her Career {So Far}

The highlight of my career so far is creating and launching See Rose Go. It’s been my life ambition to have my own fashion line and now it’s a reality. It’s not just real – it is actually a solution worth the time, energy and focus it took to create it.

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How She Spends Days Off:

Complete days off are pretty rare right now as I find myself doing something everyday to contribute to the company. To really feel like I’m “off” I need to get away a little bit. One of my favorite get-aways during this time of year is exploring Storm King up in the Hudson Valley.

Advice to Others Pursuing the Same Career Path:

Have a vision and know your objective.

When I graduated college I wanted to be a buyer at Nordstrom. To me, it had to be Nordstrom because they are the best. At the time Nordstrom only promoted from within so I literally worked from the ground up. I was able to attain that start in my career with a positive attitude, adaptability and team oriented mentality. Also by making anyone who would listen very aware of my goals! Throughout my career I try to establish an objective for any project or goal, it helps to lead yourself and others when you have a clear purpose. During my more recent path with starting a company I would say the same thing, have a vision and know your purpose.

see rose go plus size fashion hoboken

What’s Next for See Rose Go:

My partner and I have been working on a knit collection for the past year while creating our fabrication that combines knowledge from Nike / Converse careers with our fashion aesthetic. After year in the making, we are so excited to announce the launch of our Tee and Tee Dress. Both styles were design using a cooling, wicking, breathable material and are meant to add style AND function to any wardrobe. We have been going through fit sessions, focus groups and wear tests and are now so excited to launch May 1. Stay tuned!

Some Hoboken + Jersey City Favorites:

What is your favorite restaurant in the area?

In Hoboken, Antique Bar and Bakery. If over in JC, I love Tacqueria Downtown. Both offer a unique atmosphere and fantastic food and drinks.

What is your favorite boutique in town?

Washington General Store. It is great for gifts, cards and a little something for me!

What do you love most about Hoboken?

I love the friends we have made here. Since we are always out walking around town, during any trip to the park or store we may run into them and spark an impromptu pizza/wine party or a stop to one of Hoboken’s great bar/restaurants. You never know where your day will take you!

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What is your favorite thing to do in Hudson County?

Besides having so many amazing restaurants and amenities in our area, I absolutely love the access we have to local products created not only here in NJ, but in Hoboken, Jersey City and the surrounding area. We find really good local ingredients at the Midtown Farmers Market near our place. The local products sold there are amazing. I found the best homemade soap from The Hoboken Soapworks, and use it to clean absolutely everything! I have love Bone In Food, which features locally-raised meats but they also carry locally made kombucha and their own line of Kimchi! It’s so good.

How long have you lived here?

We have now lived in Hoboken 9.5 years. My husband and I arrived here pre-kids for job opportunities and thought we’d be here for a couple years. Now, all these years and three kids later, we are establishing roots.

What is your favorite outdoor place to spend time around the area?

Being on the riverfront — with that view, you can’t beat it.

What is your favorite place to work out in Hudson County?

I work out at CKO. Every workout kicks my butt and it’s a great way to start the day and release some stress. I love the variety of instructors — each one changes things up to keep your body guessing.

see rose go plus size fashion hoboken

Where do you go out with friends in the area?

There are so many cool things to do – grabbing wine and a bite at Bin 14, stopping for dinner at Greek Town or pizza at Panello (both BYOB!). An evening out for cocktails could find us over in Jersey City at The Archer or Dullboy.

What is something you think needs to come to Hoboken or Jersey City?

There is always something new coming and I love it. What I would want in addition to that is for Hoboken and the area to continue to support the established businesses that have been here and sell quality products, like Truglio’s (10th & Park), Fiore’s (5th & Adams) and Dom’s Bakery (5th & Grand). These places have been here for decades and are woven into the fabric of Hoboken. Plus, they are so good! As for new to Hoboken, in a perfect dream world I’d love an awesome Hoboken Pool!

What is your favorite coffee place in Hoboken?

I like my coffee, so I’m happy to have really great coffee in Hoboken. I have it all worked out depending on where I’m going or doing. If I’m hanging around our place toward the back of town then you’ll find me at Black Rail, really great food, coffee, matcha and Kombucha on nitro, if you haven’t been you’re missing out. Heading the opposite direction and walking to the path I always stop in Roost Outpost on 1st for a macadamia milk latte. After a run uptown my place of choice is Bwé, really great coffee and other options like their turmeric latte which is definitely worth a try. And if I’m really dragging, then it’s La Isla for the cubaccino. That coffee will be sure to put you in turbo! So yea, I like my coffee options and Hoboken has some goodies.

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