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The Best Wine Shops in Hoboken, Jersey City + Bayonne

by Lauren
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Vino is one of our favorite things to sip on during the summer. There’s something about a fermented grape that is simply delicious. That being said, we’re here to help you out by providing a list of the best wine shops to get wine — no matter what your preference — in Hoboken and Jersey City {and a little Bayonne}. So grab your favorite glass {you know, the big one} and get to the store {or, in some cases, call for delivery}!

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Sparrow Wine & Liquor Co. {126 Washington Street + 1224 Shipyard Lane}

It’s hard to walk by the large red sign in front of this store on Washington Street and not go in at least once, and with good reason. The wine selection here is not to be missed {and the beer isn’t bad, either}. Currently featuring a large collection of wines from the Burgundy region of France {Pinot Noir for red lovers and Chardonnay for white}, as well as “winter whites” {think sturdier white blends like pinot gris and viognier} and just about any other brand and price point you can think of, Sparrow is always updating their collection with the newest trends in vino, so you can be sure to find something you like.

Giannone Wine & Liquor Co. {305 River Street}

Located on River Street next to Kings, this establishment proudly touts its selection of over 4,000 wines to choose from in-store {so you’ll never run out of choices} featuring vino from regions around the world {and a host of vintages, some dating back to 1995} that includes varietals like Argentinian reds and Italian Pinot Grigio, along with special online-only sales on select bottles.

Garden Wine & Liquor Store {700 Park Avenue}

Located at the corner of Park and 7th, this hidden gem and family-owned and operated spot has all of the latest new blends to savor {and free delivery!}. As an added bonus, the customer service is always on point when it comes to making recommendations for whatever amount you are looking to spend. Check out their latest collection featuring delicious Cabs and Chards for your next girls night in {or for yourself – we won’t judge}.

Cheese and Wine {720 Monroe Street}

If you’re looking for some cheese to go with that wine, look no further than Cheese + Wine, located on the bottom level of the Monroe Center in West Hoboken. Here, you’ll find a curated collection of delicious wines and cheeses, all curated by the local shop owners, and delivered fresh daily and weekly. They also offer wine tasting classes in-house on a bi-monthly basis.

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Cork Wines & Spirits {1450 Washington Street}

This store located uptown on 15th and Washington {also with a location in Harrison} has both everyday blends as well as unique wines that can’t be found anywhere else {aka limited releases}, with a personalized buying experience to boot. Featuring a tasting area as well as private events, Cork also has a great selection of snacks to go with your bevvies.

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Jersey City

Cool Vines {276 Grove Street}

It’s hard to miss this large liquor store with the big, inviting windows located on the corner of Grove Street and Montgomery, which is stocked with a variety of wine and beer as well as some pretty stellar snacks {don’t skimp on that fancy cheese for your charcuterie plate}. The wine selection includes both international and local wineries like Alba Vineyard {located in NJ} and Anthony Nappa Wines {from Long Island}. Cool Vines also hosts tastings featuring a very knowledgeable staff in a variety of locations around JC including Hamilton House and Urby.

Madame Claude {390 4th Street}

Quaint and serene, this wine shop stays true to its French roots and boasts a wide variety of whites and reds. The owners have an incredible knowledge base of wine, so make sure you ask them some questions if you have some time to sip and learn {seriously though, ask them about any bottle and you’ll get an explanation and some knowledge dropped}. PS: If you bring a bottle of vino that you purchased in the store to their neighboring cafe, you get a discount! #WinWin. Or should we say #winewine.

Jersey City Super Buy-Rite {575 Manila Avenue}

There is a reason this parking lot is always jammed – whether you’re in the mood for a Brut Rose or a Grand Cru {affordable French Burgundy wines are all the rage, ya’ll} this place has a little something for everyone. If you find yourself getting lost in the labyrinth of aisles in-store, check out the website first for the newest arrivals and staff picks {and if you want delivery, club card members in Hoboken and downtown Jersey City get it free on orders over $60-woot!}.

Waterfront Wine & Liquor {81 Montgomery Street}

Located on Montgomery Street near Exchange Place, this store has a great selection of wines grouped by country and varietal, including an awesome assortment of chilly bubblies and tasty blends.

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Bridgeview Liquors {300 NJ-440}

This unassuming liquor store set on 440 {or the back highway, if you know Bayonne} offers a plethora of wine-related treasures from the minute you walk in the door. Featuring wines grouped by type and also by country, it is easy to find what you are looking for {and if not, customer service can usually find just about anything for you too}. Check out the awesome variety of red blends in store for your ‘Flix-and-chill evenings or rich whites for a nice night out.

High Spirits Liquor Store {816-818 Broadway}

Located on Broadway and 38th street, High Spirits offers a little bit of everything, including a vast selection of beer, wine, and liquor. Ranging from the cheaper household favorites like Cupcake and Barefoot to wines that pair well with just about anything like Apothic and Ménage à Trois, you will find no shortage of choices here {featuring a wide array of champs as well!}.

Whether you’re grabbing a bottle for dinner or having it delivered to your door for a night in, these places will surely satisfy your wine needs.


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