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Here’s Where to Get {Delicious} Lunch at Harborside Financial Center + Exchange Place, Jersey City

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If you work in the Harborside Financial Center/Exchange Place area of Jersey City right now, you are definitely in luck — there are more food options here than ever before, many cropping up just within the past year. With the closure of old standbys like Markers Restaurant and Henry’s on the Hudson {admit it, you’ve been to at least one of these places for happy hour}, Plaza Two has made way for new, more modern types of fare and a lot more quick, to-go options so you can purchase your lunch without stepping too far from the office. Here are a few of the new places {and some classics as well} to grab lunch at Harborside Financial.

The Newcomers

Harborside Pop-Up Food Court {34 Exchange Pl.}

This new addition to Harborside replaces the old {now closed} Harborside Club with some more modern, fun options. If you head past the old food court and make a left, you will find a variety of pop-up stands such as Sprig, Boil Boil Ramen, and the delicious Epic Rolls with sushi that is, well, epic. There are also lots of chairs and tables overlooking the water for a place to sit and what will likely be many more pop-ups to come in the future.

City Diner {31 Montgomery St.}

Okay this place technically isn’t that new, but it is just a few years old, also located on Montgomery Street. Here you can find great sandwich and burger options — like the pretty ridiculous South of the Border burger, and a variety of filling salad options in case you want to eat on the healthier side.

Tidal Poke {34 Exchange Pl.}

You might already know about this place, but if want to know a little more, then you should definitely check out our feature. You’ll want to go to this place if you love a good poke or are into smoothie bowls. Dee. Lish. {PS – they’re opening soon permanently downtown!}

The Classics

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Milano’s Deli {41 Montgomery St.}

Get to this place early because this tiny little Italian deli on Montgomery Street has a pretty serious line at lunchtime. The basics like a slice of pizza or a sub sandwich are pretty standard fare here, but it’s done so well that you will definitely want to come back for more – and make sure to check out their chicken parm.

Zap Fitness

Amiya {160 Greene St.}

All-you-can-eat Indian buffet? ‘Nuff said. This is available every weekday at lunchtime and the food is pretty amazing. If you don’t want to go buffet style and you would prefer take-out, their box lunches include a meat or veggie option and two sides along with free naan — score, obvs.

Teppan {319 Warren St.}

About a five minute walk from the Harborside plaza, this sushi place is always fresh and has dine-in or take-out options available. It’s usually helpful to call ahead since they do get pretty busy at lunch time, but their bento boxes, sushi lunch specials and udon noodles are well worth the wait.

Exchange Market Place {10 Exchange Pl.}

Not sure what you want for lunch? No problem! This place has literally everything, from sandwiches to sushi to a hot bar complete with whatever you could want {mac and cheese and fried chicken, a cold bar with salads, fruits and veggies galore}. But watch how much you fill up your dish because you do pay for your meal based on weight, but you will definitely never run out of options here.

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The Food Trucks


There is always a variety of great trucks parked along Columbus Drive, in front of the Hyatt hotel, and in the square next to the Exchange Place PATH station, some of which are listed below:

Pizza Vita: Awesome wood-fired pizza to-go.

IncrediBalls: Amazing varieties of meatballs including some killer gluten-free options.

El Chilango: Just try their huarache with the spicy green sauce and trust us on this one.

Cheezen: Your choice of grilled cheese — what more do you need to know?

John’s Soup and Grill: Great soups daily. Best part? It costs $6 or less.

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Where do you dine at Harborside? Tell us about it!

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