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Lizzmonade and Tidal Poke Co. Open Pop-Up Shops on the {Jersey City} Waterfront

by Christine Finelli
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We’re always excited to announce the arrival of new and exciting places in Jersey City, but it’s even more exciting to announce new arrivals in different parts of Jersey City.  Instead of popping up on the coveted Newark Ave or Grove Street, these two establishments decided to take the road slightly less travelled {unless you’re in finance!} and open in Harborside Finaccial Center, down on the waterfront — Lizzmonade and Tidal Poke Co.  Now when you decide to sip on some freshly-squeezed goodness or treat yourself with some ‘Big Island’ fare, you can do so with an amazing view of Manhattan {it never gets old — the view on this side of the river is SO much better}. But of course you already knew that.

Enter Lizzmonade and Tidal Poke Co.:

 Lizzmonade {34 Exchange Place; Harborside Financial Center}


Even though we are fully immersed in fall, summer lives on at Lizzmonade.  They serve {and are best known for} the classics: lemonade and iced teas all year round AND you can add fruit to any of their chilled beverages to take them to the next level:  think fresh watermelon muddled in lemonade.  These life-changing lemonades {sorry, that’s not an exaggeration} will run you $4.50-$6 but trust us, it’s worth it!  Their formula is simple: serve delicious and refreshing beverages and stick to fresh, local produce. Originally rooted in neighborhood markets, they now have four locations, {Harborside included} and have expanded their reach into fruit inspired lunches and snacks.  Check out their Harborside menu here.  They make it super easy to access their fruity goodness — find them at farmers markets, the brick and mortar locations, OR have them cater to you and bring the fruits of their labor {pun intended} directly to your next party or event.

Disclaimer: Regular lemonade will never taste the same after trying Lizzmonade because it’s a *complete* game changer {but you should totally go get some…like now}.

sojo spa
Vepo Clean

Tidal Poke Co. {34 Exchange Place; Harborside Financial Center}


Zap Fitness


Gone are the days when its difficult to find a good bite to each for lunch down by the waterfront in JC. Tidal Poke has arrived and it brings a new flavor to Harborside.  If you are new to Poke, it’s traditional ‘Big Island fare’ that originated in Hawaii.  {The word “poke” means to slice or to cut, generally referring to different kinds of fish}.  The storefront is small and slightly hard to notice, but the flavors are not.  Most poke bowls run around $10 for a regular size and upwards of $15 for a large,  You get what you pay for here, money well spent on what feels like a couple pounds of food.  We went traditional with our first poke experience and ordered a “Classic Shoyu” bowl that consisted of ahi tuna, shoyu {soy sauce}, sea salt, scallion, & sweet onion.  The flavors made us feel like we were lunching in Hawaii and all that was missing was a Kona Big Wave brew.  For those that are not so seafood inclined, try your tastebuds on one of their smoothie bowls instead!

So, odds that you’re gonna grab some Lizzmonade and a poke bowl for lunch this week are…? 

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