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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Shirley Capaldo

by Briana
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Have you ever wondered about a day in the life of a runway model/actress? Well wonder no more: This week, we’re getting to know one of Jersey City’s finest: Shirley Capaldo, model and actress {who is a Jersey City resident and a major advocate of the arts community}. Read on to learn more about her, her career, and some of her Hoboken and Jersey City faves, and what it’s REALLY like being a model:

hoboken girl of week shirley capaldo

About Shirley

A first-generation American who identifies as Filipina, Cuban, and Italian, Shirley is a model for print and runway —but as of late has been getting more into film acting. She is also a community mentor/activist. “I LOVE laughing and learning, and creating the life I choose for myself,” she shares with us. A proud JC resident, Shirley works with the Jersey City Office of Cultural Affairs, a prominent advocate for the arts, developing consistent cultural programming and events that highlight the arts community in Jersey City. Oh and you may recognize her as “Miss Jersey City Fashion Week 2018.” NBD.

On Her Inspirations

My mom is my inspiration — I want to give her the world. I’m the oldest, so being a role model to my younger brother and sister keeps me motivated. I’m always working on my craft and bettering myself keeps me up at night; knowing that in a competitive world and an industry such as mine you can’t be complacent. I focus on the present, which helps me get to the next step.

Goals + Passions

I have five main goals for the last 3 quarters of the year: 1 — being able to hold a conversation in Spanish, 2 — improving my singing, and 3 — walking NYFW again in September! A few others: Landing a national commercial + finishing writing the first two chapters of a book I’m working on. I’m passionate about film acting, fashion, public speaking, and I have a hidden passion for politics.

hoboken girl of week shirley capaldo

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A Typical Day in the Life

My days are completely different every day! I start at 5/5:30AM with my morning routine (meditate, write, workout). Then depending on the day, it consists of classes, voice lessons, fundraisers, coordinating events, community service, auditions, photoshoots, meetings, phone calls, filming, sometimes I am in another state. Before the night is over I wind down and reflect on goals I’ve accomplished or didn’t and prepare for the next day.

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Highs + Lows of the Job

Let’s start with the lows—there’s A LOT of rejection as a model and actress. I’ve been rejected from auditions hundreds of times, I must say it builds character. You will get doubted, and it’s a huge investment. The momentum doesn’t happen overnight, and it could take years.

Highs: through the journey and process, I’ve discovered more of myself; likes and dislikes, controlling of emotions being in the present. I’ve traveled, and when you do land an audition it is very rewarding! Just understand auditioning and modeling is a 2:100 ratio.

The Highlight of Her Career {So Far}

For the past year or so, my highlight in my career is definitely traveling to other states and countries for fashion shows and screenings. Walking NYFW was an amazing accomplishment as well because since 2010 I’ve always wanted to walk, but I always got “you’re too short”. A few other life highlights: Being part of “Neem’s Themes” which is a web series I’m in, getting published in an international magazine called Sheen Magazine, and meeting different people from different cultures has also given me a better outlook of the world.

The rewarding part of it all is finding out the actions and small steps I am taking are inspiring people without even knowing it. The fact that I can make one person do more and be more by living my passion and pursuing my dreams feeds my souls and makes me want to work harder.

How She Spends Days Off

Catching up on sleep, hah! But on a serious note, I like hiking, snowboarding in the winter,, reading a book in the park, or doing a fun activity with my little Nancy. I love outings and nature. But most importantly, spending time with my family when I can. You should always make time for family.

hoboken girl of week shirley capaldo

Advice to Someone Pursuing the Same Career Path

1000% Be YOURSELF as a model/actress. Casting agents and directors could sense your authenticity faster than you can blink. Stay focused on your goals. Always make small goals that lead to your big vision. Pursuing a career is an investment not only of money but requires time and discipline — it’s not overnight. Most importantly, enjoy the process; it’s the journey that builds our character and helps us develop our best selves. You will go through failures and rejection which is a part of life that helps you learn. Also, outwork everyone.

Hoboken + Jersey City Favorites:

What is your favorite restaurant in Hoboken? JC?

Jersey City: Light Rail Cafe in Bergen-Lafayette (their Shrimp Alfredo and Sangrias are amazingggg) and The Archer in downtown (for their Lamb Burger and crafty cocktails)!

Hoboken: It has to be Satay, I’m obsessed with their roti and walnut shrimp dish.

What is your favorite boutique the area?

Hoboken’s Francesca’s! Every time I go in there I walk out with great finds. They have a great selection of clothes, shoes, and bags for women.

What do you love most about the area?

You can get everything you need in one square mile in Hoboken. Variety of food, gym, a run by the Hudson River, lounges and clubs at night, shopping. I even took my real estate classes in Hoboken! It’s suburban with a touch of the city life.

What is your favorite thing to do in Hudson County?

See the breathtaking view of New York City. I love the ocean, so sitting by the waterfront relaxes my mind as I soak in the beauty around me. I also enjoy the farmer’s markets and street festivals that go on in Jersey City and Hoboken.

How long have you lived here?

I have lived in Jersey City for 13 years.

hoboken girl of week shirley capaldo

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What is your favorite outdoor place to spend time in Hoboken/JC?

I love Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

What is your favorite place to work out in Hudson County?

Retro Fitness! That’s the gym I go to. Lincoln Park also has a great running track.

Where do you go out with friends in the area?

This is honestly a hard question because I’m always working, so I hardly go out with friends. But I’d have to say I enjoy Liberty House at Liberty State Park.

What is something you think needs to come to the area?

I take Krav Maga classes[(a form of Martial Arts developed by the Israeli Force Defense] in Ramsey. I would love to see it come to Hoboken or Jersey City! It’s definitely a great form of self-defense and exercise that the community would enjoy.


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