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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Maria McElroy {of Aroma M Atelier}

by Briana
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Hoboken is home to just about everything, but we bet you didn’t know it has its own perfumery atelier {and a female-owned one, at that}. Since we love featuring local #bossbabes, this one was an obvious choice. Our Hoboken Girl of the Week is none other than Maria McElroy of aroma M Atelier, Hoboken’s very own perfumery located at 1012 Grand Street {#406}. Read on to learn more about Maria, her business, goals, passions, and more, along with some of her local favorites:

maria mcelroy aroma m hoboken girl week

About Aroma M Perfume:

In 1995 after spending seven years in Japan, I returned to the US where my newly found adoration of fragrance led me to experimentation in my own home. Imagine bottles lining every surface and essential oils wafting through the rooms cluttered with hand- printed Japanese papers and cherry blossoms (my flower of inspiration)! I started creating perfume; bottling them in delicate glass adorned with silks and velvet and friends started asking for more and more them. The next thing I knew, we were launching the first three Geisha Perfumes o-cha, hana-cha and nobara-cha in New York City at Bergdorf Goodman and in London at Harrods. It was an organic creative process, full of excitement and fun.

On What Inspires Her

The Geisha’s, and the namesake of my perfume line, are a huge inspiration for me.  Their mystery, glamour and resplendent beauty are always part of each aroma M perfume. From rustling Kimono’s, to the feel of silk on your skin and the mesmerizing way the Geisha dance and walk; I try to translate all that poetry into my perfumes. I often think of the fleeting beauty of the Cherry Blossoms and how they have so much in common with perfume, and try to capture that essence in each fragrance. Also, I often imagine colors when creating a new perfume. Much like when imagining a painting and putting colors together. aroma M perfumes are named after colors, so this plays a big part in my creative inspiration.

maria mcelroy aroma m hoboken girl week

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On Her Goals + Passions

I am excited to introduce aroma M to Hoboken this year. I am looking forward to having many events at the aroma M Atelier and reaching out to the Hoboken community to join us! We will also be offer along with custom perfumes custom beauty oils; I think aroma M is this first to offer this kind of beauty service. We will offer organic face, cleansing, hair and body oils; all custom blended to the customers specific needs. I will also be launching a new Geisha Perfume.

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A Typical Day in the Life

I typical start my day with a cup of aroma M Geisha Matcha tea and catch up on emails. As I live in the city, I commute to Hoboken usually late morning. Once at the, Atelier I take time to water my flowers, which love the beautiful light in the studio. I usually pack orders and then break for lunch. I bring a bento from home that my chef husband often makes for me and my afternoons are spent creating and filling products. My favorite time of the day is around 5:00 when the sun shines in the Atelier and creates the most beautiful shadows and light. I take this time to sit in my favorite chair and do some writing this is a wonderful ritual for me. I am working a book about my time in Japan and the path the lead me to create aroma M.

maria mcelroy aroma m hoboken girl week

Highlight of Her Career {So Far}

I think one the biggest highlights was when I was asked to create three fragrances under the aroma M brand for the opening of the Sephora stores in the US and Japan. We created Eau de Parfums, Cream Sachets Perfumes and Scented Rice Powders. I had the opportunity to attend the opening red carpet in Tokyo It was a heady affair. I wore a vintage aqua blue Kimono, it was a night I will always remember.

What a Day Off is Like

I often go to a gallery or museum on my day off. I also love going to the Farmers Market and usually take a Pilates class. Once a month I do a Zen Meditation weekend retreat. It’s a way for me to ground myself and keep focus.

Advice For Someone Trying to Pursue the Same Career Path

It is important that you love what you are doing because that energy will help get you though the tough times, which are inevitable in any industry.

The only advice I would give is that you must really have a passion because it is very competitive. It takes a lot work and time to create a successful brand. You must be up for a challenge. Ultimately have fun, enjoy yourself. It’s such a privilege to be able to create without restrictions, be brave and follow your vision.

maria mcelroy aroma m hoboken girl week

Some of Her Hoboken + Jersey City Favorites:

What is your favorite restaurant in the area?

 Anthony David’s.

What do you love most about Hoboken?

I love the energy and charm of Hoboken.

What is your favorite thing to do in Hudson County?

My husband and I enjoy playing tennis in the park on Grand together.

The staircase to Aroma M’s atelier on Grand Street

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What is your favorite outdoor spot?

My favorite park is the one on Grand Street next to my building.

Where do you like to go out with friends in the area?

I love taking a walk a long the waterfront and having dinner with friends.

What is something you think needs to come to Hoboken?

I like Hoboken just as is, I hope that it will keep its authenticity and charm!

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