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Cute Finds on Washington St. {Your Guide to Shopping Locally This Summer}

by Genna
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If you haven’t noticed, seasonal changes seem to give our little city entirely new energy. A sunny stroll down Washington Street reminds us that having to endure a season of freezing weather is worth the pain and reassures us that we actually should not move south. Because, really, there’s nothing like Hoboken in the summertime, as more people {and puppies!} make their way out of their cocoon life, leaving fuzzy socks and winter parkas behind.

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If we’re being honest here, the transition into summer is slow and gradual — as much as we wish it wasn’t — but that hasn’t stopped the stores on Washington Street from heading into full-force summer mode. There are so many must-buy items on Washington Street this season that you’ll have to make your friends drag you out of multiple local shops {even though you know you’ll secretly return sans-friends and with multiple credit cards — sorry, definitely not sorry}.

So here’s the deal: to save you a lot of effort and sweaty walking, we’ve gathered our absolute favorite finds in Hoboken. But if you’re on a budget {and if you are, we’ve got Five Budgeting Tips for ya}, we’ve included a few suggestions of potential upcoming events — wedding festivities, house warmings, pool parties, and even pup birthdays included — so you can at least justify your need to shop. Hey, we’re here to help with our list of cute finds on Washing Street  — your guide to shopping local this summer.

Spotted at:

Hudson Paperie {312 Washington Street}

A Sassy Welcome

How many times have you seen this Mean Girls movie-reference welcome mat on Pinterest {envying every blogger that owns it}? AND low and behold, here it is right under our noses. SO FETCH.

sojo spa
Hello Hydration Sidebar

Fly that Jersey Pride

This NJ State of My Heart banner is perfect for a new-to-Jersey resident or a die-hard Jersey Girl {or just a treat for yourself, but we won’t tell}.

Zap Fitness

Wind-Up for Wedding Season

The other season we’ve entered is wedding season, and you can never be too prepared by grabbing gifts for your bridal besties. Just saying, those adorable “so you don’t get cold feet” socks would look great in a bride-to-be gift basket…

A Pooch’s Paradise

A pleasant surprise to also find some doggie digs in the back corner of the shop. PSA for all Hoboken pet-owners {or just pet-lovers} out there: these adorable buys actually exist, and there here in our town {and if you’re buying them for your pet, they still count as a gift}.

{Psst – Hudson Paperie is part of our HG Deals Guide!}

Spotted at:

dear hannah, {503 Washington Street}

Fashionable Floatation

Trendy floats may have been all the rage last year, but this year, they’re at a whole new level. This summer’s selection at dear hannah, is on point – I mean just check out those ice cube trays. Because, let’s be real, whose champagne isn’t ready for flamingo-shaped OJ cubes?

Stitched Pillow Swag

The quality of these pillows makes these a steal! At around $30/piece for these stitched beauties, it’s an easy {and adorable} add to any girl’s bedroom {or as a BFF babe-to-babe gift}.

Beauty + Bauble

If you’re into baubles — and you should be after reading our summer style trends guide — then you should 100% get your hands into this trinket dish full of fun earrings.  You’ll almost walk right by it on the table, so make sure you look for it, but this year’s summer trend is sure to sell out… so don’t miss the dish!

Spotted at:

Washington General Store {509 Washington Street}

A Good One for the Guys

How could you pass up this adorable shaker filled with chocolate almonds — that look like martini olives? We’re well aware that Sugarfina makes the most delicious candies, but this packaging is just too much. If you’re celebrating a belated Father’s Day, or just want to get something special for that martini-lover in your life, look no further.

Adventure is Everywhere

A picnic always seems like a good idea, until you start packing for one. But, this easy-to-assemble picnicking kit {the perfect engagement or house warming gift} will make you a regular at Pier A.

A Mean Mug-Recipe

GENIUS. These little recipes come wrapped in adorably decorated boxes, equipped with a cute mug to boot. The perfect find if you’re looking for that little something extra for any occasion.

To-Go is a Go-To

That caption may be a tongue twister, but these weekender bags are a sturdy and fun find. Take your light or dark pick, you won’t regret it when you’re on-the-go!

Spotted at:

Peper + Parlor {938 Washington Street}

Pretty in Poms

Bold and bright for summer, these exotic shirts are prime finds for all you summertime babes — they’re a perfect compliment to rosé {or margaritas}. Not to mention, those colorful pom keychains make adorable gifts.

Laced to Perfection

Dare we say, a bit of a splurge, but a totally stylish go-to for this season to spruce up any outfit {these are definitely Pier 13 approved}.

Spotted at:

Galatea Lingerie {1224 Washington Street}


Watches, in a lingerie store? These embellished pieces double as a watch and stacked bracelets and are a hidden find around town — who wouldn’t want one of these colorful cuties?

Underwear, Where?

FOUND: Hanky Panky {yes, that’s the brand} aka the world’s best undies. They’ve arrived in Hoboken, and look at all of those colors, just give us the whole rainbow plz.

To Dye For

Another hidden find inside Galatea Lingerie, these adorable tie-dye weekenders are perfect for a summertime getaway — or for a trip DTS, as the locals say.

{Psst – Galatea is part of our HG Deals Guide!}

Don’t forget to support our Hoboken businesses and #shoplocal for all of your summer needs — there are so many great local boutiques to satisfy your fashion fix and casually swim {or strut} into summer in style!

What’s your go-to shop? Share your favorite summer finds with us by commenting below or tagging us on Insta @HobokeGirlBlog or #HobokenGirl!

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