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All About FLYNYON: A Helicopter Flight Experience in Hudson County

by Taylor Duncan
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Picture this: Aerial views of New York City’s best landmarks and incredible, insta-worthy photo opportunities hovering over Manhattan’s skyscrapers. No, we’re not dreaming we can fly. We’re taking in the FlyNYON experience.

Jenna Myer, a former Hoboken resident who currently resides in Kearny, has made this breathtaking moment among the birds her profession. From flying over NYC to managing terminal operations to graphic design – Jenna is taking us behind the scenes of this aerial helicopter experience and what to expect when visiting FlyNYON.

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{Photo credit: @flynyon}

The FlyNYON Experience


{Photo credit: @flynyon}

Based out of Kearny, NJ – the team at FlyNYON has flown over 450,000 passengers since opening in 2012. The company makes professional aerial photography services available to everyone by providing a crowdsourced aerial experience. Whether you want to snap Instagram photos to spruce up your feed, or you capture amazing aerial content for your portfolio – you’re in good hands. 

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At FlyNYON, safety is the number one priority. During this once in a lifetime experience, the progressive FlyNYON team makes sure each passenger feels secure and comfortable before, during, and after the flight.

About Jenna Myer, Executive Administrator at FlyNYON


{Photo credit: @flynyon}

Jenna started with FlyNYON in the summer of 2015 as an intern and has worked her way up to a senior Executive Administrator role at the helicopter experience company.

“As the senior Executive Administrator, my main responsibility is to support our CEO, Pat Day, and our Chief of Staff, Jillian O’Brien,” Jenna told Hoboken Girl. “My day-to-day varies, which makes it exciting and fun. I help manage our terminal space, along with flying over the city and taking pictures for social media and special projects.”

With a degree in graphic design, Jenna also works on campaigns for FlyNYON’s website and basic front end development. Wearing many hats at the company, this born-and-raised New Jersey girl has been able to turn hard work into a dream job.

“Aviation is a dynamic and fast-paced industry. Whether I am forward-facing or working behind the scenes, I feel the most productive when working with my team to keep the FlyNYON experience functioning effectively,” Jenna explained.


{Photo credit: @flynyon}

But of course, there are benefits. “I have flown in a helicopter over four major cities including New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles,” Jenna told Hoboken Girl.

Being in a niche industry, Jenna has also worked with a few celebrities and has one memory that sticks out. “One of my favorite days was when I got to meet Gwen Stefani. She was extremely kind, and she even rode in the back seat of my Jeep!”

FlyNYON Today


{Photo credit: @flynyon}

For many businesses, the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic were countless. For FlyNYON, it meant a shift in clientele. 

“Before the pandemic, 50% of our clients were international. Now, our demographic is from the tri-state area. When many events were canceled, people started looking for new, exciting experiences.” Jenna told Hoboken Girl.

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In order to maintain a safe environment and address passenger concerns, the team is taking measures, including enhanced cleaning protocols, additional antibacterial products, and requiring employees and customers to wear masks throughout the experience. 

For Jenna and the FlyNYON team, the possibilities are endless. And they will continue to provide a safe and exciting experience for every passenger that comes through their doors.

“I am very proud to work for FlyNYON. It has been rewarding to contribute to our development and watch the company grow to what it is today.”


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