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Where to Go Fishing in North Jersey

by Ainsley Layland
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Walking along the waterfront it’s fairly common to see someone resting a fishing pole against the railing, waiting for a bite. Pollution levels in the Hudson River may scare some people from catching fish locally but luckily for Hudson County residents, there are countless fishing spots in the waters surrounding the Mile Square. Whether you’re fishing for catfish, rainbow trout, or bluegill, read on for a round-up of prime fishing holes to check out.

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Disclaimer: Check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the location is currently open to the public, and respect all signs indicating private property or restricting access.

Anderson Creek {Secaucus, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 5.3 miles

This creek runs through 52 acres of the Anderson Marsh, home to a variety of wildlife. Prime fishing times at Anderson Creek are the early morning hours from 1:00AM-4:00AM and early afternoon from 1:00PM-4:00PM

River Barge Park + Marina {Carlstadt, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 7.6 miles

Located close to Meadowlands Sports Complex, this fishing site features a convenient launch ramp for day-use boating. The dock provides easy fishing access and public restrooms and picnic tables are available in the surrounding area so planning a day trip out of this marina should be a breeze.

Buttermilk Channel {New York, NY}

Distance from Hoboken: 8.3 miles

A small tidal strait in Upper New York Bay that anyone who has taken a ferry to Brooklyn will have passed. This one-mile stretch separates Governor’s Island from Brooklyn and boasts a good opportunity for fishing.

Fish Creek {Secaucus, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 8.9 miles

Whether guests are interested in fishing or picnicking, Secaucus has several hidden gems. Enjoy waterfront fishing access at Fish Creek and try your luck at catching trout, pickerel, and sunfish.

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Garretts Reach {Secaucus, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 5.8 miles

Surprisingly close to Secaucus High School, Garretts Reach lets out into the Hackensack River and generally has really good fishing conditions. Prime fishing times are before 6:00AM and in the afternoon around 4:00PM. 

Mary Ann Creek {Lyndhurst, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 10.2 miles

Enjoy miles of trails inhabited by marsh and upland creatures after fishing in the early hours. The area around Mary Ann Creek has excellent birdwatching, as well. While DeKorte Park close by is open for recreation, the water surrounding the park is close to fishing.

Passaic River {Livingston, NJ}

Distance to Hoboken: 23.5 miles

An ideal location for catch-and-release fishing, the Passaic River is a great option for pike and pickerel. Seasoned fishermen of the Passaic suggest using a 6-foot medium-heavy freshwater rod and a baitcasting reel.

Paunpeck Creek {North Bergen, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 5.6 miles

Rainbow Trout is the most commonly caught fish in this calm northern New Jersey stream. Enjoy a peaceful few hours searching for this special fish while the sun rises {or sets} over the water.

Weehawken Cove {Weehawken, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 0.3 miles

Most Hoboken residents are familiar with the small inlet of water just north of Hoboken, also commonly referred to as “the boat graveyard” since the water is spotted so frequently with sunken boats, but it’s also a great locale to cast a line. Fishing off the waterfront walkway is easy enough and the benches dotting the perimeter make for a relaxing activity.

Hackensack Reservoir Number Two {Weehawken, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 1.3 miles

Not far at all from Hoboken lies the Hackensack Reservoir Number Two. Fishing doesn’t get easier than this, thanks to the easy access from every point on the reservoir path. The most common fish in the reservoir include albacore, striped bass, and bluefish.

New Croton Reservoir Fishing Area {Yorktown Heights, NY}

Distance from Hoboken: 44.2 miles

Far north in a more secluded location in the Greater New York Area, Yorktown Heights rests nestled against the edge of the Hudson River. The fishing area is prime for bluefish, striped bass, and largemouth bass.

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Jersey Justin Fishing Charters {Jersey City, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 4.3 miles

Interested parties can charter a fishing expedition {or just a quick morning adventure} from Jersey Justin located at 80 Audrey Zapp Drive in Jersey City. Most commonly caught fish are the Northern pike, Atlantic sturgeon, channel catfish, and striped bass.

Paulus Hook Pier {Jersey City, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 2.7 miles

Paulus Hook Pier provides a space for fishing along with amazing views of the city skyline and access to ferries and local shops. This is the ideal spot for city perks mixed with tranquil fishing.

Green Turtle Lake {West Milford, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 40.3 miles

This 40-acre body of water has a maximum depth of 25 feet for quality fishing. In addition to largemouth bass and trout, it has the usual northern NJ assortment of sunfish, pickerel, catfish, and yellow perch. Shore fishing is allowed and there is a boat ramp.

Seventy-Ninth Street Boat Basin {New York, NY}

Distance from Hoboken: 6.0 miles

Across the river on the western edge of Manhattan sits the 79th Street boat basin. The city views are great but it’s nice to get a new perspective and look over at New Jersey from time to time. While trailing the waters of the Hudson River, anglers can expect to catch black sea bass, bluefish, and channel catfish. 

Harlem Meer {New York, NY}

Distance from Hoboken: 8.5 miles

At the northern tip of Central Park sits the Harlem Meer,  a picturesque lake surrounded by trees and green lawns, this body of water makes for the ideal quiet fishing spot in the middle of a bustling city. You might think the fishing is limited in this location but fishers report having caught bluegill, black crappie, and even largemouth bass.

Buchwick Inlet {Brooklyn, NY}

Distance from Hoboken: 7.9 miles

Across the river, or two, this inlet stretches along the East River in Williamsburg. In addition to fishing, the waterfront also provides walking paths, a soccer field, and playgrounds.

Hackensack River {Hackensack, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 8 miles

Whether you’re baitcasting, fly fishing, or spinning, your chances of getting a bite here are good. So grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to Hackensack River, also known as Demarest Kill. People in the area use pieces of hot dog as bait because of a 60-year-old legend that a hot dog vendor with an umbrella truck feeds the fish when they are put in the river.

Sawmill Creek {North Arlington, NJ}

Distance from Hoboken: 9.7 miles

Following a peaceful morning of fishing for largemouth bass, enjoy the perks of the surrounding natural area. Sawmill Creek is surrounded by walking trails and is neighbor to the Meadowlands Environment Center. The Richard W. DeKorte Park is nearby but the water directly connected to the park is off-limits for fishing. 


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