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Handyman Services Available in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Chris Goodlof
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Things break, there’s no way around it. One day you’re tossing dirty dishes in the dishwasher, something snaps, and the next thing you know you’re back to scrubbing with a sponge. At a certain point, you’ve got to admit that you can’t fix a dishwasher and probably have to call a handyman service to come in and fix the problem. Thankfully, these businesses specialize in exactly what’s ailing your appliances and homes.

As luck would have it, Hoboken and Jersey City have no shortage of handyman services, all of which following new safety guidelines during the pandemic so you could be sure that your house call is as safe as possible. Here are some of the best handyman services in Hoboken and Jersey City.

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Handyman Services H & E & K {1450 Washington Street, Hoboken}

Homeowners and renters alike would be hard-pressed to find a more solid handyman service than Handyman Services H & E & K in Hoboken. The company runs the gamut from simple sink repairs and gutter cleanings to full kitchen remodeling and prides itself on its fair pricing. You can’t go wrong with Handyman Services H & E & K tending to your various home maladies.

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Avid Handyman {300 Observer Highway, Hoboken}

When it comes to local Hoboken handyman services, Avid Handyman does it all. Boasting a team of experts with at least 10 years a piece, Avid Handyman can cater to just about any need. Renovating, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, paving, and general handyman services only scratch the surface of what Avid Handyman can offer. Whatever your issue may be, Avid Handyman can take care of it with professionalism.

Riverside Handyman Services {1135 51st Street, North Bergen}

Serving Jersey City, Hoboken, and Hudson County, Riverside Handyman Services can fix what ails your home. Proudly serving customers with electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and general handyman needs, Riverside Handyman services is the go-to service for many homeowners and renters throughout Hudson county. No job is too small for Riverside Handyman Services, and reviewers report quick and efficient work at fair prices. 

Easy All Repair {99 Congress Street, Jersey City}

Proudly serving Jersey City residents for 12+ years, Easy All Repair has become a staple in residential life. Whether your sink is on the fritz or you need furniture assembled, Easy All Repair has got you covered. Reviewers report that John, the handyman himself, is efficient, punctual, and fair. If you need some work done around the house and you want professional-grade work at a fair price, you can’t go wrong with Easy All Repair.

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Infinity Maintenance {72 Vanreipen Avenue Suite 333, Jersey City}

Founded in 2005, Infinity Maintenance offers quality home improvement and handyman services to Jersey City residents. Owner Anthony Jeffers has over 25 years of experience and an eye for detail, carrying those attributes over to make Infinity Maintenance a no-brainer choice for any Jersey City resident looking for repairs, renovations, or maintenance. Infinity Maintenance even boasts an A rating from Angie’s List.

Danny’s Construction and Handyman {383 Ege Avenue, Jersey City}

Jersey City residents in need of a quick fix or renovations need to look no further than Danny’s Construction and Handyman. Whether it’s building a closet, removing columns, or a simple installation, Danny’s Construction and Handyman does the job. Danny’s Construction and Handyman’s efficiency and professionalism will thrill homeowners and bonus, the prices are fair too. Give Danny’s Construction and Handyman a call if ever in need of home repair or improvement services.


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