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Colby, Lucy, + Tazo Are Looking For Their New Homes

by Samantha Impaglia
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Meet these three Hudson County animals that are looking to be adopted from their respective fosters and find a forever home. Colby from Wise Animal Rescue is a Dachshund who can be your adventure, nap, and cuddle buddy, and Staffy mix Lucy from See Spot Rescued loves to wag her tail at everyone she encounters. Tazo is a domestic shorthair cat from Liberty Humane Society with quite a fun personality. Read on to learn more about these pets and how to add them to your family from the animal rescues themselves.


Colby war

Breed: Dachshund

Weight: 10 lbs (will gain a couple more pounds as he is currently underweight)

Age: 12

Ideal Home: Colby would do best in a patient home that will give him a couple of days to adjust as he is a bit nervous at first in a new environment. Once he adjusts, he is a happy pup who loves to be around people and other dogs.

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Kids: Yes, 13 and up. Like most Dachshunds, Colby has an arthritic back, so younger children trying to pick him up or accidentally knocking him down could be troublesome.

Dogs: Yes. He prefers dogs bigger than him and is currently living with three dogs he adores.

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Cats: Unknown

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Crate-Trained: Colby is not being crate-trained and is fine when left alone in the home

House Trained: Yes. Once on a schedule, Colby does not have any accidents.

Other Training: Colby does not know any commands except to come when his name is called.

Leash Manners: He loves to go for walks and walks well on a leash.

Personality: Colby is a cheese-obsessed, walk-loving pup who’s very well behaved once he adjusts to a new environment. He is a fun little guy who loves taking walks and sniffing just about everything he walks past. Once he’s taken a walk, he likes to take a nice nap curled up with his foster mom on the couch. He is 100% a lap dog. Colby is the best work-from-home buddy and watches his foster mom’s computer from her lap while he works. While he’s a bit older, his age doesn’t slow him down one bit.

Why he was brought to the rescue: Colby was surrendered by his family to a local, municipal shelter before being rescued by WISE.

Medical note: Colby has a heart murmur but he is doing ok without medicine for it. Colby is being neutered and having a dental cleaning done to make sure he is in tip-top shape for his forever family.

For adoption information on Colby, click here.


Lucy see spot rescued

Breed: Staffy mix

Weight: 45-50 lbs

Age: 2-3

Ideal Home: Lucy would do well in an apartment or home with a yard. She currently lives in a fourth-floor walkup.

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: No

Crate-Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Other Training: Lucy knows sit, wait, and more. She is eager to please and learns quickly.

Leash Manners: Walks well on a leash, but with lots of sniffs.

Personality: Lucy is a sweet pup – she loves people and other dogs and is great at matching her energy to yours. She is playful and calm when there is no one to play with, as well as respectful. She is deserving of so much love.

Why she was brought to the rescue: She was found abandoned by her former owners in North Carolina when they moved out of their home and was then hit by a car as she was roaming looking for something to eat.

For adoption information on Lucy, click here.


tazo liberty humane society

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Weight: 6 lbs

Age: 8

Ideal Home: Tazo would do best with a family who will give him time to adapt to his new environment. Once comfortable, he will want all the attention.

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Kids: Yes

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: Unknown

Litter Box-Trained: Yes

Personality: Tazo is extremely shy at first, but once he opens up, he is a goofy feline. He plays with toys gently, making sure not to scratch anyone. He has a very silent meow most of the time and sometimes he screams long and loud for his meals. He likes to roll on his back and show his cute smile with his teeth sticking out.

Why he was brought to the rescue: Tazo was found on the streets in bad shape and with some medical issues.

For adoption information on Tazo, click here.

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